Thursday, June 30, 2016

Herbs/Stones in the tails of our Nemyss - Hermanubis #2 Temple of the Golden Dawn

Here are some pics of the work the Hermanubis #2 Temple did on their nemyss. In Secrets of a Golden Dawn Temple, by the Ciceros, it states that the nemyss is 'Ankh' shaped-'the ankh-cross is a sacred symbol which alludes to the manifestation of the Divine Life wear an ankh in the form of a headdress signifies the striving for Eternal Life...the initiate encountered all varities of actual and visualized dangers, holding above the head the Crux Ansata, before which the dark powers fled. In Hebrew tradition, the back of the head (Qoph) is covered so that symbolically no impure or unbalanced energies or thought may 'slip in'. By covering one's head with the sacred emblem of the Ankh, the Golden Dawn Magician puts him or herself in a magickal state of mind, and calls upon the Forces of Eternal Life and Light. But in addition to this, the initiate is covering the Supernal Sephiroth in his/her Sphere of Sensation for power and protection from all outside influences".
In continuing with the spiritual principle-the Hermanubis #2 Temple decided to stuff the tail with herbs and stones- that were associated with the 7 chakras. Beginning at the base of the tail-we place a small amount to natural cotton. Then we followed up with herb/stone...

  • Root Chakra- Herb-Wild Lettuce/Stone-Garnet.
  • Sacral Chakra- Herb-Wormwood/Stone-Carnelian
  • Solar Plexus Chakra-Herb-Yarrow/Stone-Citrine.
  • Heart Chakra-Herb-Lemon Balm/Stone-Rose Quartz
  • Throat Chakra-Herb-Thyme/Stone-Turquoise.
  • 3rd Eye Chakra-Herb-Rue/Stone-Lapis Lazuli.
  • Crown Chakra-Herb-Lavender/Stone-Amethyst.

Not only did this fill the tails nicely (averaging about 14.5 grams of each herb) the Nemyss also smell delightful! Although I know this is NOT standard practice among G.D. Traditions-we thought this was a nice touch-and feel more secure with the assistance of the natural powers/abilities of the Herb/Stones utilized in the process...

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