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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sun/4 World Tarot Talismanic work

Working with the Planetary energies of the Sun, I began the Talisman...
Divine Name- Yhvh Eloah Vedaath
Angelic Energy- Nakiel
Planetary Name and Angel-Shemesh and Michael
Angel of the Sefirot SUN=Tipareth- Raphael
the Shape is the Hexagon

the Colors for the Kabbalistic Worlds for Tiphareth/The Sun are
Atziluth-Clear, Pink rose
Yetzirah-Rich Salmon
Assiah-Golden Amber

sigils and Statement of Intent on reverse side of Talisman. [not shown]

FRONT [shown]
doing a Tarot Reading [4 worlds] in direct association with the Sun Talisman the following was revealed:
Atziluth-Universe [Major Arcade] Tau/Saturn-The Teacher
Briah-The Hermit [Major Arcade] [In Reverse] Yod/Virgo-I ANALYSE/Practicality
Yetzirah-Strength [Lust] [Major Arcade] [In Reverse] Teth/Leo-I WILL/Magnetism
Assiah-3 of Wands [AIR] The Sun-Inner Self/Aries-I AM/Activity

The Universe Path is 400-Malkuth to Yesod/the Mercurial Genii-Thath'th'thith thuth thi
The Hermit Path is 10-Tiphareth to Chesed/the Mercurial Genii-Lehuvaha an atan
The Path of Strength [Lust] is 9-Chesed to Geburah/the Mercurial Genii-Al er-a-deker val
the 3 of Wands is associated with the Planet Saturn- Holy Name-YHVH ELOHIM-Angels Hechaseiah/Amamiah
used the Planetary Kamea of Saturn to sigilize their names...

419 in Gematria means Teth-the Serpent/Achdoth-Unity, oneness...
4+1+9=14, 14 in Gematria means between Chokman and Binah and corresponds to Daleth and Venus
the number of phalanges in the human hand
the number of phalanges in the human foot
the number of bones in the human face
atomic number of silicon
King David of Israel
Day-Sufficiency, plenty
Gaye-Valley; one of the Seven Earths
The 5th path of the Sephirah Geburah, Severity
the pentagon, the pentad
the number of the senses
the number of elements including Spirit
the number of lataif in Sufism
the number of fingers on one hand
the number of toes on one foot
the number of human limbs counting the head
the number of lumbar vertebrae in the human spine
the number of orders of architecture [Tuscan, Doric,Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite]
atomic number of Boron
Edh-Vapor, mist
Gab- Elevation, top
Geb- Pit, water hole.

FIVE teaches us the search for knowledge and wisdom, and the need to find freedom from limitations
~Doreen Valiente~

FIVE is the number of uncertainty. It carries with it constant vibration; it may shift and change. It can indicate uncontrolled activity and swing to the depths of despair. It is symbolized by the five-pointed star, the Pentagram. The fives in the Tarot pack signify more adversity than one generally finds in a book on Numerology.

Tau is the Bride
Yod is the Adept bearing light
Teth is the Force that represses Evil.
IF you color the Talisman with the Tarot Path colors, the four worlds would be
Assiah-Grey with pink flecks

Crowley's Mnemonic
Naught becomes All to realize the span
of naught, O Perfect Universe of Pan
Most secret seed of all Life's serpent Plan
Virgin, the Hermit goes, dumb Guardian
the Lion Serpent begets Gods! Thy Throne
the Rampant Beast, our Lady Babalon!