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Monday, December 13, 2010

Sun/4 World Tarot Talismanic work

Working with the Planetary energies of the Sun, I began the Talisman...
Divine Name- Yhvh Eloah Vedaath
Angelic Energy- Nakiel
Planetary Name and Angel-Shemesh and Michael
Angel of the Sefirot SUN=Tipareth- Raphael
the Shape is the Hexagon

the Colors for the Kabbalistic Worlds for Tiphareth/The Sun are
Atziluth-Clear, Pink rose
Yetzirah-Rich Salmon
Assiah-Golden Amber

sigils and Statement of Intent on reverse side of Talisman. [not shown]

FRONT [shown]
doing a Tarot Reading [4 worlds] in direct association with the Sun Talisman the following was revealed:
Atziluth-Universe [Major Arcade] Tau/Saturn-The Teacher
Briah-The Hermit [Major Arcade] [In Reverse] Yod/Virgo-I ANALYSE/Practicality
Yetzirah-Strength [Lust] [Major Arcade] [In Reverse] Teth/Leo-I WILL/Magnetism
Assiah-3 of Wands [AIR] The Sun-Inner Self/Aries-I AM/Activity

The Universe Path is 400-Malkuth to Yesod/the Mercurial Genii-Thath'th'thith thuth thi
The Hermit Path is 10-Tiphareth to Chesed/the Mercurial Genii-Lehuvaha an atan
The Path of Strength [Lust] is 9-Chesed to Geburah/the Mercurial Genii-Al er-a-deker val
the 3 of Wands is associated with the Planet Saturn- Holy Name-YHVH ELOHIM-Angels Hechaseiah/Amamiah
used the Planetary Kamea of Saturn to sigilize their names...

419 in Gematria means Teth-the Serpent/Achdoth-Unity, oneness...
4+1+9=14, 14 in Gematria means between Chokman and Binah and corresponds to Daleth and Venus
the number of phalanges in the human hand
the number of phalanges in the human foot
the number of bones in the human face
atomic number of silicon
King David of Israel
Day-Sufficiency, plenty
Gaye-Valley; one of the Seven Earths
The 5th path of the Sephirah Geburah, Severity
the pentagon, the pentad
the number of the senses
the number of elements including Spirit
the number of lataif in Sufism
the number of fingers on one hand
the number of toes on one foot
the number of human limbs counting the head
the number of lumbar vertebrae in the human spine
the number of orders of architecture [Tuscan, Doric,Ionic, Corinthian, and Composite]
atomic number of Boron
Edh-Vapor, mist
Gab- Elevation, top
Geb- Pit, water hole.

FIVE teaches us the search for knowledge and wisdom, and the need to find freedom from limitations
~Doreen Valiente~

FIVE is the number of uncertainty. It carries with it constant vibration; it may shift and change. It can indicate uncontrolled activity and swing to the depths of despair. It is symbolized by the five-pointed star, the Pentagram. The fives in the Tarot pack signify more adversity than one generally finds in a book on Numerology.

Tau is the Bride
Yod is the Adept bearing light
Teth is the Force that represses Evil.
IF you color the Talisman with the Tarot Path colors, the four worlds would be
Assiah-Grey with pink flecks

Crowley's Mnemonic
Naught becomes All to realize the span
of naught, O Perfect Universe of Pan
Most secret seed of all Life's serpent Plan
Virgin, the Hermit goes, dumb Guardian
the Lion Serpent begets Gods! Thy Throne
the Rampant Beast, our Lady Babalon!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

StarCircle Enochian/Tarot working- Day 3

This morning I worked with the Princess of Cups
the Princess of the Waters; Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
I-Ching hexagram #41-Decrease [In times of diminishing resources simplicity prevails]
Spirits Animals
Turtle-Symbol of Wisdom [because it withdraws into its own shell
Swan-Cloak of soft feathers [Orpheus-who CHOSE to be REBORN in this form]

StarCircle Enochian/Tarot Work- Day 3

today...the Princess of Cups appears...
interestingly enough...she also appears as the beginning of the energies of the Kabbalah energies of Atziluth for the mornings 4 Worlds Tarot Reading...

The arrangement of the spread is relating the Suits to the Tetragrammaton, which is in turn related to the Elements, which is related to one of the Four Worlds:

Yod = Wands = Fire = Atziluth [Boundless World of Divine Names] - [Divine Father] TO DARE - The Lion. The Princess of Cups
Heh = Cups = Water = Briah [Archangelic World of Creation] - [Creative Mother] TO KEEP SILENT - The Eagle. The 9 of Pentacles [Material Gain]
Vav = Swords = Air = Yetzirah [Hierarchal World of Formations] - [Son] TO KNOW - The Angel. 7 of Pentacles [Success Unfulfilled]
Heh = Pentacles = Earth = Assiah [Elemental World of Substance] - [Daughter] TO WILL - The Bull. Queen of Pentacles get out your mojo decoder ring...because... to me this means...

the first the Divine energy, the thought...IF you will
the second the creative energy of the birth, to the Ideal
the third the actual formation of the Ideal
and the fourth and final the actualization of the ideal itself...when it becomes real and IS substance...

So back to this morning...
The Princess of Cups
Princess of the Waters; Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
I-Ching Hexagram #41- Decrease [in times of diminishing resources simplicity prevails]
the Turtle one of the Spirit Animals - Symbol of Wisdom [because it withdraws into its shell]
the Swan is the other Spirit Animal - cloak of soft feathers [often worn by the Shaman] connected to Orpheus-who CHOSE to be REBORN in that form...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Sigil for StarCircle Enochian/Tarot working- Day 2

StarCircle-Enochian/Tarot working- Day 2

Today...the second day doing the Enochian/Tarot workings...
this morning's card and work was the 10 of Wands [Oppression] Saturn in Sagittarius.
the Angels are Reiiel-Expectation and Amael-Patience
Interestingly enough, the opening sequence of the Temple is as follows:

o o
2 = 9 AIR of Saturn- Angelick energy- Uriel

o o
3 = 8 WATER of the Sun

o o
3 = 8 WATER of the Moon

o o
1 = 10 EARTH of Saturn- Angelick energy- Cassiel

o o
4 = 7 FIRE of the Moon

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Working with Jupiter

Hymn to Jupiter
The Fumigation from Storax. (Try Amber, Liquidamber, or Benzoin)

O Jupiter much-honored, Jupiter supremely great,
To thee our holy rites we consecrate,
Our prayers and expiations, king divine,
For all things round thy head exalted shine.
The earth is thine, and mountains swelling high,
The sea profound, and all within the sky.
Saturnian king, descending from above,
Magnanimous, commanding, sceptered Jove;
All-parent, principle and end of all,
Whose power almighty, shakes this earthly ball;
Even Nature trembles at they mighty nod,
Loud-sounding, armed with lightening, thundering God.
Source of abundance, purifying king,
O various-formed from whom all natures spring;
Propitious hear my prayer, give blameless health,
With peace divine, and necessary wealth.

Translated by Thomas Taylor.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Emerald Throne Enochian ritual

Enochian 'Round House'


The May Queen and The Lord of the Greenwood...shadowed by the WitchMother


The Lord of the Greenwood/the Red Slayer Lord of the Hunt with the WitchMother at the Exchange of the Horn Crown, with the Cauldron of Death and Rebirth

StarCircle work

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Washer at the Ford

This veil so thin
As I walk slow
This ghost road circle.

I pass the cross-roads fair
Hidden this day ‘neath fall’s long shadow
‘Nare look back, o’er shoulder gast
Lost glance and figure from corner eye
Winter a whisper from bitter blue lips
A song, sung long in tooth,
The sagging breast
A wailing Mother’s lament
Of loss.

IF I nurse at your withered breast
Oh Washer Woman,
Would you give unto me Mother’s Milk
Warm and white…my future’s unfoldment cast
Or would you stain my mouth-thin lips scarlet
With the remnants from stone clashed stone
at the water’s edge

Death rags cleaned to dress the dead.
Turn to me a Maiden fair-
Reckless Love ‘top brown grass brittle.
To awake-blanketed beneath heavy dew
thin fog dancing-dries away-the sun’s hot kiss
Immortal dreams-mist.

Come, dark Mother mine
Embrace me with thine icy touch
Dance with me the ancient dance
Of bone to bone-too sweet a kiss
Revealed in kind…

Call to the WitchFather while 'Blooding the Stang'

"By Blood and Bone
You are Her Champion
Guardian of the Mysteries
Guard and Guide
Our Hearts and Hands
to Work the Will of the Lady."

Call to the WitchFather while 'Blooding the Stang'

"By Blood and Bone
You are Her Champion
Guardian of the Mysteries
Guard and Guide
Our Hearts and Hands
to Work the Will of the Lady."

The Sigilick Triangle Hex of the 3-faced Angel-the True WitchFather...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wisteria Oil

Wisteria Oil

Planet - Mercury Element - Air
Incense- Mercury/HOD-Storax, Amber, Spikenard

Basic Powers - Gentleness, inspiration. knowledge, love, psychic development, wisdom. Power of being in two or more places at one time; prophecy (being in two times at one time); weapon is tripod; figures albus and swastika
Eloquence, protection against theft.
Work involving the rational mind, communication, connection to others.

Scent - Strong spicy floral.

Lore - Wisterias are beautiful climbing deciduous shrubs with long hanging clusters of deliciously spice-scented flowers. Wisteria is for women who have problems with their femininity and sexuality, and for men who deny the softer and more feminine part of themselves. It relieves fear of intimacy in both men and women. Use as anointing oil for prayer and meditation. Wisteria oil is also an aid to channeling. An herb of scholars and students, wisteria aids in keeping thoughts organized in the pursuit of intellectual development.

Tarot Card-The Lovers VI
Diamond, Jade, Topaz, Aquamarine
Colors: White, Green, Silver, Yellow' Orange

Mercury [AIR]
Stand facing EAST.

“Hekas Hekas Este Bebeloi”.

Do the L.B.R.P
Call the Watchtowers

Face East, and say the Adoration:

“Holy art thou Lord of the Universe!
Holy art thou whom nature hath not Formed!
Holy art thou the Vast and Mighty One!
Lord of Light and of the Darkness!

[Make the Invoking Pentagram of Spirit Active in these names;

[Make the Invoking Pentagram of AIR in these names:


i. Stand facing East, trace the Invoking Hexagram of Mercury well vibrating: ARARITA.
Trace the figure of Mercury in the center of your Hexagram well vibrating: ELOHIM TZABAOTH..

Place the jar of Wisteria Oil back on top of the Planetary Triangle of Transformation, set atop the Mercury Planetary Kamea.

8 58 59 5 4 62 63 1
49 15 14 52 53 11 10 56
41 23 22 44 45 19 18 48
32 34 35 26 28 38 39 25
40 26 27 37 36 30 31 33
17 47 46 20 21 43 42 24
9 55 54 12 13 51 50 16
64 2 3 61 60 6 7 57

At the Altar, take the Cup and purify the Oil of Wisteria with Water, sprinkling it 3 times.
“I purify ye impure, unclean, and evil spirits that dwell in these creatures of water, oil, wine and milk, in the name of EL, strong and mighty, and in the name of Raphael, great angel of AIR, I command ye to depart and no longer pollute with your presence in the Hall of Twofold Truth”.

Take the Oil of Wisteria and move it over the Planetary Candle 3 times.
“I consecrate thee creature of AIR, by these names, YHVH SHALOM that all evil and impure spirits now depart immediately”.

Take the Wistera Oil placed atop the Planetary Kamea in your Left Hand, with the AIR Dagger in your Right Hand. Go to the EAST, and life both the Kamea/Resin, and the AIR Dagger and intone:
"Such a fire existeth extending through the rushing of the AIR, or even a fire formless whence cometh the image of a voice, or even a flashing light abounding, revolving, whirling forth, crying aloud:
Creature of AIR, in the names of EXARP, OROIBAH, AOZIPI, I consecrate thee in the works of the Magick of Light!"

Now above the Oil of Wisteria, atop the PToT, atop the Mercury Kamea, trace the sigils of the following with the Air Dagger facing SOUTH for HOD:

Spirit: Taphthartharath Intelligence: Tiriel

Turn CLOCKWISE to the East and with the AIR Dagger trace the sigil for Raphael the angelick energy of the East/AIR

“By the Powers of Mercury of AIR, I charge this Oil of Wisteria to manifest the natural powers thereof, Plant & Oil, to the furtherment of the works of the Magick of Light.”

Do the Banishing Hexagram of Mercury in the East

[Make the Banishing Pentagram of Spirit Active.]

Do the Banishing Pentagram of AIR in the East.

Give license to depart.
"I give license to depart to all Spiritual creatures here present, in the mighty and holy names of EHEIA and AGLA, return to your realm immediately, not returning until you are summoned again; go with blessings, and let there be peace eternally between you and me, in the mighty and holy names of JAHVEH and ADONAI!"

“Go with the blessings of

Dismiss the Lords of the Watchtowers

LBRP, [Banishing pentagram of EARTH for grounding].

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Planetary Triangles of Manifestation

Planetary Triangles of Transformation [PTofT]
Copyright mojo © 2009
The "Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art” is considered by many to be the second most important tool for the Conjuring Magician next to the Magical Circle. The Triangle of Solomon is used in conjunction with the Magic Circle. It is to sit outside the Magic Circle just a few feet away to the East of the Magic Circle.
It is used in the Conjuring of the Demonic or Celestial/Angelic spirits. It is in this Triangle that they will appear and are forced to obey. It is believed that entities will obey because it has 3 Sacred names of God –
• Tetragrammaton,
• Primeumaton, and
• Anaphaxeton
one on each side and it has the name
• Michael (Archangel Michael)
which is split into 3 sections
• MI –
• CHA –
• EL.
This contains the spirit from escaping and compels them to obey.
The Triangle can be found in the Manuscript "The Goetia" also known as "The Lesser Key of Solomon the King". Once again it is one of the most important tools in the Conjuring of Spirits. There are several ways of setting up this Triangle of the Art.

1. You can trace it on the ground in dirt or sand. This is not the greatest way to do it.
2. You can make one out of wood and and paint it. The Triangle and the letters should be black along with the black circle in the middle of it. The interior should be white. You can do it differently if you so choose just as I have in the above picture. The choice is yours. With this method you can set it on the ground and take it with you when you are done with your Magical operation.
Magical circle and triangle, from Sloane 3648

“[This is the forme of] The Triangle that Salomon commanded the disobedient spirits into; it is to be made two foot [feet] of [out] from the Circle and 3 foot [feet] over [across].”

Note this is to be placed upon [towards] that Coast [quarter] [that] the spirit belongeth [to] &c. Observe the moon in working, &c.
Modern version:

The Term ‘Triangle of Manifestation is a phase that indicates the principle of magical manifestation. This basic principle is rooted in the number of three. It is a metaphysical belief that in order to manifest something, three components must come together. These components are
• Time,
• Space,
• Energy.
The functioning of the components is such that if a time and a space are selected into which energy is directed, a manifestation will occur.
A convenient method of directing the energy is through a triangle formed with both hands by placing the tips of the index fingers together while placing both thumbs together with all other fingers extended. This symbolic hand gesture may be employed in a ritual, chanting, or charging an object.
Utilizing this principle, a ‘Triangle’ can be made in accordance to the Planetary energies. This process involves utilizing the association between the 7 Planets and the sequencing of the Planetary associations with the Sefirots of the Qabalah. Therefore the following would apply in regards to BOTH size and color.
Starting in Malkuth, the lowest Sefirot on the Tree, there would be NO Planetary Triangle of Manifestation as the Golden Dawn Pentacle of the Element EARTH is in order. Proceeding from that you have:
Yesod- The Moon, the 9th Sefirot on the Qabalah, therefore it would be a 9X9X9 triangle and its color would be Purple.
Accordingly then the following would apply:
• Hod-Mercury-8X8X8-Orange
• Netzach-Venus- 7X7X7- Green
• Tiperath- the Sun- 6X6X6- Yellow
• Chesed- Mars- 5X5X5- Red
• Geburah- Jupiter- 4X4X4- Blue
• Chockmah- Saturn- 3X3X3- Black

On the PTofT, there are several symbols & sigils.
• At the very top of the PTofT is the Planetary symbol of the Planet

Just below that is the Planetary Angelick Sigil of Saturn which is CASSIEL

• Just below that is the Sigil of Transformation

• Below that will be the Enochian Ensign of Creation for that particular Planet. [from The Heptarchia Mystica by Dr. John Dee]

• This will be positioned in a White Circle. The Remainder of the Triangle will be the Planetary/Sefirotic color.
[SATURN/Chockmah – Black]

• Beside that is the Olypmic Spirit’s sigil ARATHON

• Below that, on the left side of the triangle’s base is the Planetary sigil associated with the Planetary square.

• On the right side of the triangle’s base is the Enochian Planetary King [Rex]BNAPSEN

• and Prince BRORGES

Here is an example of the Planetary Triangle of Transformation for Saturn- 3X3X3, color should be black with white sigils/symbols:

Planetary Triangle of Transformation for the Planet Saturn
Then you would take the PTofT outside to an alter that would be set up according to the Elemental association with Saturn, which is EARTH, therefore the altar should be set up with a green [or black] altar cloth, and 3 red elemental candles set up at each point of the PTofT. The appropriate tool would be the EARTH Pentacle.
Whatever item you wish to ‘infuse’ with the Planetary energy, you will place in the center of the White circle, with the Enochian Ensign of Creation for the Planet on it. Then you will locate where in the Sky the particular planet you are working with is.
You will direct the energy of that Planet through a triangle formed with both hands by placing the tips of the index fingers together while placing both thumbs together with all other fingers extended,

toward to PTofT.
You will:
• Move your hands which form the Triangle from the Planet, which should be seen in the center of the Triangle space between the hands, or else center this space where you know the Planet IS, if its not viewable by the eyes,
• Place the hands over the object,
• Move your hands down until they actually touch the PTofT. This WILL charge the item with the Magickal Planetary energies of the Planet you are working with.
Since we have used the example of the PTofT for Saturn, a planet which can be called upon for Magick involving protection, you may charge an amulet, or a ring…
It IS suggested that you find the Planetary day & hour in which to do the ritual, which in this case would be a Saturday, in the Planetary hour of Saturn.

mojo's recipe for Anointing Oil of Abramelin

Mojo's Anointing Oil of Abramelin

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (S.L. MacGregor Mathers translation):

You shall prepare the sacred oil in this manner: Take of myrrh in tears, one part; of

fine cinnamon, two parts; of galangal half a part; and the half of the total weight of

these drugs of the best oil olive. The which aromatics you shall mix together

according unto the art of the apothecary, and shall make thereof a balsam, the which

you shall keep in a glass vial which you shall put within the cupboard (formed by the

interior) of the altar.

So…first you begin the process on the New Moon, first obtaining a 'birthing bottle' in which to 'birth' your anointing oil…

Then you begin with Virgin Olive Oil, and place in the Birthing Bottle on the night of the New Moon, and let it sit out under the full influence of the New Moon.

Olive being under the influence of the Planet the SUN and the Element FIRE...

The next opportunity, you add the One Part Myrrh in tears

Myrrh being under the influence of the Planet MARS and the Element FIRE.

Then the Two Parts of Cinnamon, Cinnamon being under the influence of the Planet

The SUN and the Element FIRE.

Next we add the Galangal 1/2 part. Galangal being under the influence of the Planet MARS and FIRE.

Now you allow the ingredients to gestate within the belly of the Birthing Bottle for the full cycle of the Moon, it is then ready to use ritualistically…

'The art of the Apothecary', is the Birthing Bottle, which in essence you create the Anointing Oil…now much like the concept of sour dough bread…The novel thing about sourdough baking is that it requires that you keep something alive. The Anointing Oil of Abramelin, IN the Birthing Bottle is to be viewed as 'something alive'…just like the yeast and bacteria in sour dough bread which form a stable symbiotic relationship, so too shall the combination of the Myrrh, Cinnamon, and Galangal form a living entity, and can live for centuries, a thriving colony of microorganisms. You merely recharge it as needed with Virgin Olive Oil.