Friday, December 21, 2012

Bavarian "Ein Hexenraugh" - 'witches smoke'

Bavarian "Ein Hexenraugh"-Witches Smoke
(Fisher L 'Ein Hexenraugh')
Hefte fur Vokskunde
cited in Duerr pg 142, n. II

Pomba Gira Herbs

Friday, December 14, 2012

Pomba Gira oil

"You will at nightfall on a Friday, preferable close to the full moon, go to three kingdoms: the Lyre, the street, and the Wilderness. You will in each of these kingdoms search out a crossroads and take from there a pinch of earth, leaving a coin and a cigarette in exchange. Bring this before your tronco, light a candle for Pomba Gira and open a session. Have a cup of virgin olive oil with you, a good quality essence of cassia, anis and roses, three drops of each. Now doing this you will add to the oil three more drops of the scent you require to call upon Pomba Gira. Use rose if you want to call upon her for love and fun, cassia if you seek her more mature and demanding forms, and anis if you want her to walk with you as a muse. You will then add the earth you took and leave it in your tronco at the foot of Pomba Gira, ensuring candles are burning until daybreak. The next day-and this is important-you will at midnight give her a cigarillo and a glass of red wine. Give this with your left hand as you take the oil with your right. Anoint her with the oil and anoint yourself wisely."

pgs 92-03
Pomba Gira and the Quimbanda of Mbumba Nzila
~Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold~

Monday, December 10, 2012

Three-faced Gods

"J.A. MacCulloch, in his book the Religion of the Ancient Celts, mentions the altar of Cernunnos at Paris and describes other ancient religious artifacts depicting the Horned God:

...On the altar of Beaune are three figures, one horned with a cornucopia, another three-headed, holding a basket...One god was three-faced, the other has a cornucopia which he offers to a serpent...another image represents a three-faced God, holding a serpent with a ram's head...Above a seated god and goddess on an altar from Malmaison is a block carved to represent three faces. To be compared with these are seven steles from Reims, each with a triple face by only one pair of eyes. Above some of these is a ram's head. On eight stele the heads are separated...They were all gods and goddesses of fertility and the underworld. MacCulloch writes 'Cernunnos may this have been regarded as a three-headed, horned, squatting god, with a torque and a ram's-headed serpent. But a horned god is sometimes a member of a triad, perhaps representing myths in which Cernunnos was associated with other gods. The three-headed god may be the same as the horned god, though on the Beaune altar they are distinct. The various representations are linked together, but it is not certain that all are varying types of one god. Horns, torque, horned snake, or even the triple head may have been symbols pertaining to more than one god, though generally associated with Cernunnos."

pgs 118-120
Witchcraft: The Old Religion
~Dr. Leo Louis Martello~

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Behold! Azrael-One of the Countenance's of the 3-Faced Angel

The 3-Faced Angel

"The Daemon, as Shaitan, is literally 'the Adversary' - the Reverse
One. He is the Image of the First God, manifest in double-form, as
both the Black Man standing at the Crossroads of all Existence and
as Melek Ta'us - the Peacock Angel, Sovereign of the World's Djinn.
As the 'Black Man' he is the anthropomorphic 'Body' of
Darkness, the Lord of the Sabbat, the Overseer of the Primal Rite
of Magick. In this form he embodies Death as the Gateway to the
Other. In assuming the god-form of Al-Aswad - the Man-in-Black
- the Adept places himself upon the interstitial 'Point' of the crossroads
and thus within 'Death': the singular inbetweenness 'twixt
every Stasis of Being. He thus becomes the embodiment of the
Gate at the centre of the cross-roads, the Portal where-by Power
has ingress to the World of Manifestation and through which the
Seeker must pass in order to transcend the 'Form' of the Manifest.
The Daemon figured as the Peacock-Angel is 'Death' as
metamorphic process: the Force of change acting upon the Matrix
of the Existent. "

Andrew Chumbley

Incense recipes

Hexen Incense
Veneficium pg 109
Bavarian Hexenraugh 'witches smoke' used against 'evils'
  • Elderberry
  • Henbane
  • Vervain
  • Fern
  • Cannabis Belladonna
  • Poppy Seed
  • Mint
  • Rue
  • Tansy
  • Greater Celandine
  • Maidenhair Fern
(Fisher L 'Ein Hexenrauch'
Hefte fur Vokskunde
Cited in Duerr pg 142, n. II

Stacy's recipe
Scrying Mirror Condensing Herbs
  • Salt
  • Wasp nest
  • Cat hair
  • White rose
  • Spider web
  • Dried willow
  • Moss
  • Crow feather/or any sea bird

Pomba Gira (Maria Padilla Reina) herbs
  • Red Rose buds
  • Star Anise
  • All Spice
  • Lemon grass
  • Dimiana
  • Rosemary leaves
  • Cloves
  • Lavender flowers
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Passion flower

(magickal dust/dirt, powdered crystals, red material)
Bundle, wrap/tie with hemb rope, soak in
Magickal dirt-crossroads/4 corners of house/4 corners of property…

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pow Wow or Long Lost Friend

Pow-Wows; or, Long Lost Friend is a book by John George Hohman published in 1820. Hohman was a Pennsylvania Dutch healer; the book is a collection of home- and folk-remedies, as well as spells and talismans. It is a translation of a German original, Der Lange Verborgene Freund, oder, Getreuer und Christlicher Unterricht fur Jedermann, Enthaltend: Wunderbare und Probmassige Mittel und Kunste, Sowohl fur die Menschen als Das Vieh ("The Long Hidden Friend, or, True and Christian Instructions for Everyone. Comprising Wonderful and Well Tested Remedies and Arts, for Men as well as for Livestock.") The folk magic tradition called "pow-wowing" takes its name from the title of later editions of this book.
The book gained some notoriety when it was found in the possession of John Blymire, a Pennsylvania man who was charged with murdering a neighbor whom he believed to have put a curse on him. Folklorist and novelist Manly Wade Wellman referred to the book and the traditions it embodies, especially in his "Silver John" stories such as Who Fears the Devil? 

The contents of the book are varied. They include such matters as:
I (here the name is to be pronounced) will go on a journey to-day; I will walk upon God's way, and walk where God himself did walk, and our dear Lord Jesus Christ, and our dearest Virgin with her dear little babe, with her seven rings and her true things. Oh, thou! my dear Lord Jesus Christ, I am thine own, that no dog may bite me, no wolf bite me, and no murderer secretly approach me; save me, O my God, from sudden death! I am in God's hands, and there I will bind myself. In God's hands I am by our Lord Jesus' five wounds, that any gun or other arms may not do me any more harm than the virginity of our Holy Virgin Mary was injured by the favor of her beloved Jesus. After this say three Lord's prayers, the Ave Maria, and the articles of faith.
Take a handful of hops, five or six gallons of water, about three tablespoonfuls of ginger, half a gallon of molasses; filter the water, hops and ginger into a tub containing the molasses.
Hohman, the author of this book, has cured the severest toothache more than sixty times, with this remedy, and, out of the sixty times he applied it, it failed but once in affecting a cure. Take blue vitriol and put a piece of it in the hollow tooth, yet not too much; spit out the water that collects in the mouth, and be careful to swallow none. I do not know whether it is good for teeth that are not hollow, but I should judge it would cure any kind of toothache.
Take six hen's eggs and boil them in hot ashes until they are right hard; then take the yellow of the eggs and fry them in a gill of lard until they are quite black; then put a handful of rue with it, and afterward filter it through a cloth. When this is done add a gill of sweet oil to it. It will take most effect where the plaster for a female is prepared by a male, and the plaster for a male prepared by a female.
Ye thieves, I conjure you, to be obedient like Jesus Christ, who obeyed his Heavenly Father unto the cross, and to stand without moving out of my sight, in the name of the Trinity. I command you by the power of God and the incarnation of Jesus Christ, not to move out of my sight, + + + like Jesus Christ was standing on Jordan's stormy banks to be baptized by John. And furthermore, I conjure you, horse and rider, to stand still and not to move out of my sight, like Jesus Christ did stand when he was about to be nailed to the cross to release the fathers of the church from the bonds of hell.. Ye thieves, I bind you with the same bonds with which Jesus our Lord has bound hell; and thus ye shall be bound; + + + and the same words that bind you shall also release you.
Thou horseman and footman, you are coming under your hats; you are scattered! With the blood of Jesus Christ, with his five holy wounds, thy barrel, thy gun,. and thy pistol are bound; sabre, sword, and knife are enchanted and bound, in the name of God the Father. the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.
This must be spoken three times.