Monday, August 29, 2011

Witch Blade

When the Moon is wanning, make an infusion in water taken from a running river, mixed with the Martial Herbs:

Blackthorn leaves
Ginger Root
Dragon's Blood resin

Into this mix a few drops of your own blood.
Exorcise the blade with water from your cup and incense mixed with the Martial herbs:

4 parts myrrh
1 part dried powered yew or juniper
1 part dried elderberry
1 part dried cyprus
1 part patchouli oil
1 pinch of magnestized iron fillings or lodestone dust or oil

burned in your thurible;
then proceed to heat the blade of the knife in your thurible coals until it glows. When the blade is glowing, plunge it into your waiting brew, chanting these words, and visualizing the knife glowing with power after each immersion:

"Blade of steel I conjure thee
to ban such thing as named by me
As my word, so more it be!"

This process of tempering, or forging as it is called, should be repeated three [3] times.
Having accomplished this, you must magnetize the blade by stroking it repeatedly with a lodestone. Holding the blade in your left hand, and the lodestone in the other, beginning at the handle end of the blade, draw the lodestone down the whole length to the very point. Keep this up for a good five minutes, always stroking in the same direction, chanting these words at each stroke:

"Blade of Steel, I conjure thee
attract all things named by me!
As my words, so mote it be!"

Finally, you must bury the blade for three [3] days and three [3] nights in the EARTH, point down. At the end of this time, dig up the blade.

Lift the blade above you, and direct it towards the moon and shout:

"Blessed be thou Blade of Arte!"

modified from Mastering Witchcraft
~Paul Huson~

Monday, August 8, 2011


WitchBlood Incense
equal parts
Adder root

Incense of the 4 Black Thrones
12 part sulphur
3 parts patchouli
3 parts colophony resin
3 parts dammar resin
6 parts sandalwood
7 drops blood from index finger/left hand...

Nephilimic Blood incense...
Dragon's Blood,

Monday, August 1, 2011



'neath the Dark Moon we kneel
By lantern light we dig.
The Grave pulled away-rich scented earth-from bone
These underworld creatures scurry
From hot flesh-leaving a feast of cold bone.
We are careful, in this place that is no place
This spot that has transported us all
To another place and time,
where we are alone
with the energies of the Underworld.
We open the entrance to the Mound
Earth's dark womb
As she births Death
tugging forth the skull
It is brittle and some teeth fall out,
But the Underworld has done its job.
Flesh cleaned from bone, dirt from the mound
Darkness holding greedily to the white.
We set it atop the Pentacle, the Hex
Cut the sigils of the 4 Daemon Kings of the Quarters
In the night air with hoofed blade.
It is brisk and our breaths mingle
With the smell of sulfur from the incense
Choking us with the secrets of the Pit…
We set the black candle between the horns
Careful to light it with fresh match
And sit, patiently in the circle of light.
We watch as the flame dances-gently against the night,
No wind to distinguish the flame,
an oddity in the West Texas night.
The shadow at the base of the candle reaches
Long and dark towards first one of us,
And then the next, the Shadows grown fingers
Pointing at each of us in turn
with expectation.With obligation.
We are one with the Mound.
We are one with the Night.
We are WitchBlood…