Friday, September 27, 2013

of particular interest to me was the section 

on the 'Angel of Death' specifically the 

association between Azrael (Azrail) and

Samael here-as consort or 'husband' to 


"Azrail (the name of the angel who removes

the soul from the dying body) is married

, has children, sends emissaries (diseases, old

age), etc. This also holds true for Samael in

East Europe who is often identified with the 

Angel of Death himself. He is married to


as well as associating the Angel of Death 


the eyes in the Peacock's tail

"He is full of eyes (nothing escapes him)," 

and thus to the Peacock Angel Melek 

Taus...which equate with the 3 faces of

the Angelick entity as WitchFather-Azrael-

Samael-Melek Taus...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

(Heb. מַלְאַךְ הַמָּוֶת, malakh ha-mavet).

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Look in the deep brown pool of An-na-Rea...This is the land that some call the Summer Land of the Astral plane. Long ago it was called the Garden of Eden and Adam dwelt there with Lilith for his first wife. But because progress is slow in perfect happiness Adam was filled with divine discontent. And so, when in deep sleep, he dreamed of Eve as the imperfection that should complete his own perfection. And when his dream exteriorized through intense desire he sought with her the golden wisdom that the sacred green all-wise snake would give him through failure. And so the two wandered from that golden land 'on the verge of the azure sea'. For Adam was divorced from his first inner and subjective love when he sought for the objective as Eve.

Lilith remained in Tir-fa-Thonn, the bright land that is in the Astral Sea, until the Moon Mother who rules the rise and fall of Astral tides called her to her temple that is with Aurd-na-Rea, the High-place of the Moon...

All of these details can be clearly seen in the green and faintly orange lights that cast purple shadows of the sphere of Yesod where rules the Lord of the Moon who is the King of the Land of Life. He who is the first born of the Great Mother...She who is the Ruler of the non-human peoples of the Etheric and Astral planes of consciousness.

Before you stand two pillars. Beyond these pillars only faintly to be seen is a temple and before it a throne-that of the Great Moon Mother who sits thereon.
Stand now before the Pillars of Whispered Truth, and seek to pass between them. But you cannot. You now see the Sword of Life that flames red as blood between the Pillars of Life and Death, the Jachin and Boaz of the Temple of Solomon. 

Hear the right hand pillar whisper: "Moy Mell is barred to you without Eve." 

Hear the left hand pillar whisper also: "Moy Mell is barred to you without Lilith." 

...and then the blood-red sword whispers: "If you would pass while living, here is the Key to the Door that is barred by me, for I am the Sword of Azrael. Come again as Adam bringing your Eve and your Lilith."

Eve is the Moon. She is the woman as the man of the earth-sphere know her.
Lilith is woman as the Lords of the Moon-sphere know her.

The moon-sphere is positive and the earth-sphere is negative and both are contained wth the etheric of that purposive Entity which is called the Great Earth Mother, or the Great World Mother.

pgs 214-215
The Old Religion
~Colonel Charles Seymour~