Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sabbatic Spirit Pot and the Quartinha

"The quartinha is basically a feeding vessel for the spirit, it may or may not possess consecrated items and thus form a link with the spirit in some degree. The Sabbatic spirit pots are more akin a replica of a precise and specific energy/spirit fashion from mineral and animal parts and serve as a 'house' for the spirit or as material vinculum that attracts the potency in question."

~Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold~

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fetish Urns/Magickal Vessels of the 4 Daemon Kings

Angelick Famulus
"Here is portrayed a magical rite in which a Famulus or attendant spirit is evoked to visible form as an Angelick Overseer of One's Path. Two fetish-urns or magical vessels are half-buried in the earth, often that of a chosen ancestral grave. One is the vessel for the Familar in its bestial atavism, the other is consecrated to the Familiar in its Seraphic form. In unison both forms are called forth. The atavistic form is used to both bind and give power - literal 'animation' - to the latter. The angelick sentience serves to ennoble the atavistic state and endow the bestial with higher articulation. The process is signified by the black and white candles, and is sigillised in the book in the right-hand corner. The hand-signs of the angel show the bodily corollaries to the ritual. Other sigils embody the diverse components of the practice."

Ancestral Congress
"This picture shows the ritual of ancestral communion and discourse. The opened book ahows the sigil known as 'The Key', being a dream-derived sign for the Corpse-king Mahazhael, the Sovereign Witch-father also known by the name 'Apethiui'. The candlesticks are prototypical plants adorned with feathers and bones to form fetish-poles: means to attract the spirits and to instill the mystique of occult ritualism into the practitioner. This is self-enchantment, a process in which all obsessiveness is brought into direct and useful application. The half-buried vessel is the receptacle for all orgia and mumia, and from its opened mouth the black flames and energetic lightnings leap and coalesce. Above the light of the candle the hylic corpus assembles and the spirit takes form to the eye. The sigils of the process are shown in the right border. This picture depicts a ritual performed in order to call forth an Ancestral Shade of Witchblood."

~Andrew Chumbley~

The Fetish Urns or Magickal Vessels of the 4 Daemon Kings with Sigilized Hexes of the WitchMother and WithcFather encircling the N'Ganga.

Sunday, September 23, 2012