Saturday, April 4, 2015


Tetrad-3rd Bloodmoon Eclipse

I awoke early-as the full energy of the 3rd Bloodmoon Eclipse of the Tetrad would be a maximum strength at 7:00 a.m. The altar was prepared the night before. It was the altar of AZAZEL-as Scapegoat-linked to the energies of sacrifice and ritual. The ram's skull was positioned, with the top red candle of the masculine/FIRE triangle of summoning was at the apex-betwixt the horns- AZAZEL's sigilized candle was lit-and his Spirit Bottle was opened. He was gifted some of the Sulphur/Brimstone gifted to me from Ethiopia. The Geomantic box was placed on the altar as well-along with the ritually obtained Taoist Peach Wand. Eleggua was present as the Opener of Ways.

Altar for AZAZEL as Demon King of the South-Lord of the Flames the Lightening, King of the Spirits of FIRE.

A red ribbon was tied around the left horn of the Ram's skull representative of the sacrificial Scapegoat.

First Eleggua was Evoked-to Open the Ways-then AZAZEL was evoked as WATCHER-(...of Hidden Things and Guardian of Secrets) - His sigil was ritually drawn in the sand of the Geomantic box (Ritually created for the 1=10 Zelator Grade of EARTH in the Golden Dawn) with the ritually obtained Taoist Peach Wand. 

Geomantic Box with Taoist Peach Wand

Drawing the Sigil in the Sand of the Geomantic Box with the Taoist Peach Wand

Sigil of AZAZEL-Lord of the Flames and the Lightening, King of the Spirits of FIRE

Then AZAZEL was called upon be present for the creation of a blood sigil "between me and thee" in which the tongue was ritually pierced-as per the Taoist tradition and a page of the Grimoire of the WitchBlood was 'licked' in which the blood formed the personalized sigil between Magician and Demon King.

A"vaina" or flamboyan tree pod rattle was utilized to stir up the energy for a brief period after the ritualized sigil's creation, and then the Spirits were dismissed, being given the License to Depart.
Since the intensity and frequency of ritual and recent 'unexplained' activities, it was decided to do a Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram, to ground, and settle the energies that had been evoked over the past two nights and month. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Black Cat Bone ritual part 2

This is a brief overview of my MY interpretation of the Black Cat Bone ritual-done at Midnight on Good Friday-taken from various sources and different traditions-led directly via Spiritual Congress and modified to meet my individual intentions-primarily from African American sources-the best being Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men.
the dressing of the secondary bone comes from interview sources in Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, Rootwork by Harry Hyatt.
this ritual is a combination of sources-primarily based on old Southern traditions in regards to the Black Cat Bone ritual- aspects of which were documented in Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men. The poppet and coffin will be placed in the grave from which the black cat (which died a traumatic death) will be exhumed. This will be in exchange for the bones...In these aspects there are at least two primary bones-the One Bone of Power-and the created bone-which is the straightest left hind leg, which is filled with five-finger grass, steel dust from a lodestone, sealed with a chewed piece of white cotton-dressed in Van Van oil and Florida Water cologne,and finally wrapped in a $2 bill...this bone can be used magickally for several purposes...
For me the burial of the coffin in exchange for the bones-and the direct association with the timing of Good Friday at Midnight-and the Hallowing of Hell are important..
The colors associated with the Saint Cyprian statue is something that has been an issue for me for some time-as I have seen several of the statues painted differently-in my own work-and spiritual congress-I was shown that after retrieving a ritual black cat bone-in my case it will be a rib, and attaching it to Saint Cyprian's crozier-it is symbolic of the transformation of Saint Cyprian in his White/Purple robes from Christian back to Magician in the Red/Black robes of San Cypriano of the Grimoires...and calls upon the infernal aspects of the Saint as Nefarious Patron...
also-although primarily there is ONE ritual detailed in the San Cypriano grimoires, and ONE bone to use-there are actual several traditional methods for Black Cat Bone rituals, and several uses for different bones-3 to be exact-the primary Bone of Power, a secondary bone which can be ritually prepared for various uses-Invisibility, Luck in gambling, Return of a Lover-etc...and finally the Bone of Transformation for Saint Cyprian himself-from his role as Christian Saint-to San Cyrpiano-Patron Saint of Magick.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Black Cat Bone ritual

Midnight Good Friday

Poppet utilized in exchange for the exhumation of the Black Cat.

Coffin with poppet wrapped in black cloth sealed with red wax. Medallion of Saint Cyprian imprinted in the red wax of the coffin lid.

At the grave of the black cat, dressed candle, statue, coffin, San Cypriano oil, atop Ponto.

mojo placing the coffin in the open grave after bones have been exhumed.

Coffin placed in open grave-black cat's skull just above it-the rest of the bones in the cauldron...

San Cypriano in cauldron of black cat bones-black cat candle burning-black cat skull circled in crushed egg shells to be 'rebirthed' in the Spirit...