Friday, September 18, 2015

Preparations for the final Demon King ritual in association with the Tetrad Full Blood Moon Eclipse

The concept for the final Demon King ritual in direct association with the Tetrad-Full Blood Moon Eclipse on September 27th, 2005 is composed of representation of AIR of AIR and WATER of WATER or True WATER and AIR. In this format-WATER of WATER is the Tarot card Queen of Cups, and AIR of AIR is the King of Swords. So the ritual should be Elementally balanced. In this approach-although influenced by the energies of the Dual Queens-Cups and Wands. Although this is auspicious, as Mahazuel/Mahalakla is the Northern intermediary for Lilith as the WitchMother/WitchQueen. The alignment of the energies feel spot on-and condusive to what the intentions of the ritual are. Interestingly enough-as the original intentions of the series of Demon King workins were like a ‘meet-and-greet’ between me and the 4 Kings for future work-now-I feel that not only have they graciously accepted the formal introductions-but they have laid a foundation on which to build and a direction in with to go-with this final ritual.
The energies described will give us Mutable, Cardinal, and Kerubic forms, Expanding EARTH, Active AIR and WATER, and the Stability of WATER through the link to FIRE via the WATER of FIRE assimilation by placement of the birth signs of the particpants. My personal Expansion energy will couple nicely with the stabilizing energy of the participant opposite me-in the North/South continuum, for pulling the energy of the Phurpa as Axis Mundi in the center of the sacred space-grounded by the dual current of the other participants-as Active AIR/WATER-East/West. That in and of itself is a form of Circle-in the perspective of ‘Cone of Power’ concept-as the energy will be pulled from the North-Mahazuel/Mahakala and charge in the center as the Phurba/Axis Mundi-and cannot leave the sacred space via the stable/grounding energy-which will project back to the center-As Above-So Below. “One of the principal methods of working with the Phurba/kila and the actualize its essence-quality is to pierce the earth with it, sheath it, or as is common with Himalayan shamanic traditions, to penetrate it vertically, point down into a basket, bowl or cache of rice )or other soft grain if the kila is wooden) The terms employed for the deity and the tool are interchangeable in Westeren scholarship. In the Humalauan shamanic tradition the kila may be considered as axis mundi (Muller-Ebelling 2002) affirm that for the majority of Nepalese shamans, the kila is cognate with the world-tree, either in their visualizations or in initiatory rites or other rituals. The kila is used as a ritual implement to signify stability on a prayer ground during ceremonies, and only those initiated in its use, or otherwise empowered, may wield it. The energy of the kila is fierce, wrathful, piercing, affixing, transfixing. The kila affixes the elemental process of “Space (Sanskrit” Akasa) to the Earth, thereby establishing an energetic continuum. The kila, particularly those that are wooden are for shamanic healing, harmonizing, and energy work and often the two nagas (Sanskrit for snake serpent, or dragon, also refers to a class of supernatural entities or deities) entwined on the blade
On the blade, reminiscent of the staff or Asclepius and the caduceus of Hermes. Kila often also bear the ashtamangala, swastika, sauwastika and/or other Humalayan, Tantric, or Hindu iconography or motifs. The magick of the Magickal Dagger comes from the effect that the material object has the realm of the spirit. The art of tantric magicians or lamas lies in their visionary ability to comprehend the spiritual energy of the material object and to willfully focus it in a determined direction (Muller-Eberling 2002) “Without the Phurba inside himself, the shaman has no consciousness” ‘the shaman himself is the phurba, he assumes its form in order to fly into other worlds and realities. So in essence we are establishing a  ‘energetic continuum’ by utilizing the phurba being ‘otherwise empowered’ as the axis mundi centered in the ‘prayer ground’. This is be beyond a shadow of a doubt an initiatory rite on some-level-for everyone involved. “By Names and Images are All Powers Awakened and Re-Awakened.”
Now-the point where the energies of Mahazuel and Mahakala are fused via the EARTH/FIRE North/South continuum is important. The Black/EARTH Mahazule candle will be lit when Mahazuel is evoked, and then after Mahakala is evoked and gifted the Red Coral-the Combined Black/Red EARTH/FIRE candle of the North/South continuum will be lit, and the dual energies will be evoked together. The mallow candle will be lit in the center of the Demon Cauldron-placed upright in the rice-this should help maintain control over the energies.
Via the StarCircle, Mahazuel is evoked via his sigil through the energies/personification of the Planetary influences of Mercury in the North-via the Sefirot HOD-and Mahakala will be evoked via his sigil through the energies/personification of the Planetary influences of Venus in the South-via the Sefirot NETZACH. In essence this should establish the energies of Mahazuel as Intellectually ground/practical-and Mahakala as affectionately fiery/impassioned. This energy should be very auspicious for the transmutation of the dual aspects of the King energy-although the grounding nature of the Expanding EARTH and the Stable WATER will be necessary.

 Altar with the items to be consecrated-to include the Red/Black mdos or thread-cross "These threads symbolize the ‘thread’ that is the literal meaning of the word ‘tantra’ and describe the manner in which each point in time and space is the warp and weft of the loom of experiential / existential emptiness."

The Black sigilized Mahazuel candle that mysteriously fell over and broke during the last ritual involving the 4 Demon Kings (2014)

The new Black/Red-sigilized Mahazuel/Mahakala candle that will be lit from the old Black Mahazuel candle in the upcoming full blood moon eclipse ritual.