Sunday, May 25, 2008

the Kabbalah/Qlippoth and the StarCircle

OK, well...this morning I did my Elemental meditations...
today, being under the element AIR, and the Planet Mercury...

so...I decided to begin my own interpretation of the illustrated Kabbalah in my B.O.S.
At the bottom, I began the associated StarCircle, that some of the Inner Circle are familiar with...

utilizing the associations with the Kabbalah and Gemetria...
an interesting correlation appeared...

bear with me please...

There are 8 Tarot Paths, with direct linkage to the StarCircle...

Chokmah-The Fool [0]-Kether
Binah-The Magician [1]-Kether


Netzach-The Moon [18]-Malkuth
Hod-Judgement [20]-Malkuth
Yesod-The World [21]-Malkuth

and then at the Threshold [Daa'th]-CENTER of the Circle:

Tiphareth-The High Priestess [2]-Daa'th

so we have

according to the correlations of Crowley's 777
the number 8
IS under the influence of MERCURY [in accordance with our Elemental Magickal workings!]
is associated with the God Anubis [The Temple of Hemanubis and the Wheel???]
and perhaps the MOST interesting for ME, the Qliphoth entity is:

[MELEK- as in Melek Taus, the Peacock angel???]

as in the 3 faced angel, who transmitted the StarCircle to me in the first place???

Adramelek is described as:
"Being generally depicted with a human torso and head, and the rest of the body of a peacock."

just wanted to share with all the IC of the EG...

As Above, So Below

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