Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Evocation of the 4 Demon Kings of the Quarters

'I call ye: the holy, great of power, great of glory, great of strength, the holy autocthorns, that art the assistants of the great god, the powerful chief daimons: Ye who art inhabitants of Chaos, of Erebos, of the abyss, of the depth, of earth, dwelling in the recesses of heaven, lurking in the dark corners of houses, shrouded in dark clouds: Who art Watchers of hidden things and guardians of secrets: The leaders of those in the underworld, and administrators of the infinite, wielding power over earth: who shake the earth and did lay its foundations: Thou servants in the chasm, shudderful fighters, fearful ministers: That turn the spindle, loosing the snow and the rain, air-transversers, causing summer heat, wind-bringers, Lord of Fate, inhabitants of dark Erebos, bringers of compulsion, send flames of fire, bringing snow and dew, wind-releasers, disturbers of the deep, treaders on the calm sea, mighty in courage, grievers of the heart, powerful potentates, cliff-walkers, adverse demons, iron-hearted, wild-tempered, unruly, guarding Tartarus, misleading Fate, all-seeing, all-hearing, all-subjecting, heaven-walkers spirit-givers, existing from the beginning, heaven-shakers, gladdening the heart, those who join together death, revealers of angels, punishers of mortals, sunless revealers, rulers of daimons, air-transversers, almighty, holy, unconquerable

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