Sunday, December 9, 2012

Behold! Azrael-One of the Countenance's of the 3-Faced Angel

The 3-Faced Angel

"The Daemon, as Shaitan, is literally 'the Adversary' - the Reverse
One. He is the Image of the First God, manifest in double-form, as
both the Black Man standing at the Crossroads of all Existence and
as Melek Ta'us - the Peacock Angel, Sovereign of the World's Djinn.
As the 'Black Man' he is the anthropomorphic 'Body' of
Darkness, the Lord of the Sabbat, the Overseer of the Primal Rite
of Magick. In this form he embodies Death as the Gateway to the
Other. In assuming the god-form of Al-Aswad - the Man-in-Black
- the Adept places himself upon the interstitial 'Point' of the crossroads
and thus within 'Death': the singular inbetweenness 'twixt
every Stasis of Being. He thus becomes the embodiment of the
Gate at the centre of the cross-roads, the Portal where-by Power
has ingress to the World of Manifestation and through which the
Seeker must pass in order to transcend the 'Form' of the Manifest.
The Daemon figured as the Peacock-Angel is 'Death' as
metamorphic process: the Force of change acting upon the Matrix
of the Existent. "

Andrew Chumbley

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