Friday, September 27, 2013

of particular interest to me was the section 

on the 'Angel of Death' specifically the 

association between Azrael (Azrail) and

Samael here-as consort or 'husband' to 


"Azrail (the name of the angel who removes

the soul from the dying body) is married

, has children, sends emissaries (diseases, old

age), etc. This also holds true for Samael in

East Europe who is often identified with the 

Angel of Death himself. He is married to


as well as associating the Angel of Death 


the eyes in the Peacock's tail

"He is full of eyes (nothing escapes him)," 

and thus to the Peacock Angel Melek 

Taus...which equate with the 3 faces of

the Angelick entity as WitchFather-Azrael-

Samael-Melek Taus...

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