Sunday, January 11, 2015

Taoist Peach wand for Evocation and use with the G.D. Geomantic box

ok-I Need a Taoist Peach wand for use with my Golden Dawn Geomantic box-for the Evocation of Azael-Demon King of the West/WATER...this ritual will be the third of the tetrad of Lunar Eclipses-Saturday night-April 4th...It is during this ritual that I will pierce my tongue to obtain a personal sigil for Azael by the tongue blood on parchment...
The Peace wand will be used-as Taoist tradition states-for drawing the sigil of Azael in the sand during the Geomantic box...created during the Neophyte 10=0 EARTH Grade ritual of the Golden Dawn...
The phase of the Moon I have chosen in the Waxing Moon-the one that will work best for me is Friday-March 27th. The Peach is Feminine/Venus/WATER-thus the working will be done within the planetary hours of Venus-which are 8:47-9:49 p.m.
The wand is to be cut from the East side of the Peach tree-on the opposite side of the tree (West) the sigil for 'Spirits of the Clouds' is to be written or carved in the wood. I have decided to write it-in Dove's Blood ink-mixed with blood of any participants.
The sigils-created utilizing the planetary Kamea of the planet Venus

Spirits of the Clouds

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