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Triangle of Arte

from the Key of Solomon

Triangle of Arte

The "Triangle of Solomon" also known as the "Triangle of the Art” is considered by many to be the second most important tool for the Conjuring Magician next to the Magical Circle. The Triangle of Solomon is used in conjunction with the Magic Circle. It is to sit outside the Magic Circle just a few feet away to the East of the Magic Circle.
It is used in the Conjuring of the Demonic or Celestial/Angelic spirits. It is in this Triangle that they will appear and are forced to obey. It is believed that entities will obey because it has 3 Sacred names of God – 

  • Tetragrammaton, 
  • Primeumaton, and 
  • Anaphaxeton 
one on each side and it has the name 

Michael (Archangel Michael) 
which is split into 3 sections 

  • MI – 
  • CHA – 
  • EL. 

This contains the spirit from escaping and compels them to obey. 
The Triangle can be found in the Manuscript "The Goetia" also known as "The Lesser Key of Solomon the King". Once again it is one of the most important tools in the Conjuring of Spirits. There are several ways of setting up this Triangle of the Art. 

The Term ‘Triangle of Manifestation is a phase that indicates the principle of magical manifestation. This basic principle is rooted in the number of three. It is a metaphysical belief that in order to manifest something, three components must come together. These components are 
  • · Time, 
  • · Space, 
  • · Energy. 
The functioning of the components is such that if a time and a space are selected into which energy is directed, a manifestation will occur.

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