Thursday, August 2, 2018

Full Blood Moon Eclipse work 7/27/18

It has been awhile since I have posted anything here-one reason is that I have not engaged in any work that I would term potentially 'WitchBlood'. Rather I have been focusing primarily on the Golden Dawn work of the Temple of Hermanubis, as well as Shamanic Drum work...

But with the Auspicious timing of the Solar Eclipse, followed closely by the Lunar Eclipse, and then followed finally by another Solar Eclipse in less than 30 days-I felt drawn to doing some work with SAMAEL-the Arch Angel of Mars...

but also-as represented to me as one of the 3 faces of the WitchFather-as well as one of the 4 Demon Kings...At first I was going to call upon him-in his triple aspects-to support Shadow NOX SELF work than I am doing-to balance with my Light LVX SELF...but after a series of divinations, interpretations of 2 astrological charts, AND 2 Pathworking-Shamanic Drum Journeys to the Realm of SAMAEL...I decided that I would merely acknowledge his presence and work from that perspective... When doing the Shamanic work-it was discovered that through Gematria-that SAMAEL and PLUTO are of the same value...131-which seemed rather Auspicious to the work I was planning...

I sat up the altar-with my Geomantic box, so that I could draw the Sigil created for the specific event in the sand.

4 incenses were created and utilized in the ritual itself...4 Black Thrones incense, for SAMAEL as Demon King-Lord of the Winds & Breezes, King of AIR-represented here in the East...Mars incense for SAMAEL as 'Holy Archangel of the Martial sphere-here represented in the South...and a combined incense of Nephilimic Bllod Incense, equalled balanced with WitchBllod Incense...for SAMAEl as the 3-faced Grigoirc WitchFather-First Initator...

Incense recipes:
EAST-SAMAEL as Demon King-Lord of the Winds & Breezes, King of AIR
Incense - 4 Black Thrones Incense
"Incense of the 4 Black Thrones

·         12 part Sulphur

·         3 parts patchouli

·         3 parts colophony resin          

·         3 parts dammar resin

·         6 parts sandalwood

SOUTH-SAMAEL as Holy Archangel of the Martial sphere
Holy Archangel SAMAEL Incense

·         Chilly Powder

·         Cayenne Pepper

·         Cardamom

·         Red Chilli, dried and ground 

·         Ginger

·         Garlic

·         Coffee

SOUTHEAST-SAMAEL as the 3-faced Grigoric WitchFather


Nephilimic Blood Incense

·         Olibanum

·         Myrrh

·         Dragon’s Blood

·         Sandalwood

WitchBlood Incense
Equal parts

·         Wormwood

·         Valerian

·         Mandrake

·         Adam & Eve Root

I utilized a bone trumpet to call in recognition- the various energies in each of the 3 directions...East, South, and SouthEast...basically created a triangle...

The Intention of the Ritual was to take a candle-place it behind me-and take a circle of barbed wire, and an Iron Spike, and 'nail my shadow down' where it met the feet of my actual body...

and in this space...I took a peice of parchment and pierced my tongue-bleeding on the parchment-then folding it in half-creating a Taoist blood sigil that represented both my Light LVX SELF, and my Shadow NOX better find balance between the two...

I added to SAMAEL's spirit bottle-as offering-7 coffin nails, that has been positioned around an Archangel card of SAMAEL, as well as some black volcanic sand brought back by a friend from Iceland...

it was a very powerful ritual...and one that I am happy to say-I completed, although in a somewhat modified form...

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