Saturday, September 14, 2019

Controlling the Shadow-PAREDOS (Greek Magickal Papyri-PGM III.502-536; 612-632, 350 C.E.) 9/14/19

Shadow work 9/14/19

Controlling the Shadow-PAREDOS (Greek Magickal Papyri-PGM III.502-536; 612-632, 350 C.E.)

·         Performed in the Summer (when the Sun rises during the 6th hour of the day-Saturday -Saturn)

·         Dark clothing 

·         Red cord around head with a hawk feather behind right ear, and an ibis feather behind left ear.

·         Wheaten meal

·         Ripe mulberries 

·         Unsoftened sesame

·         Uncooked thrion (fig-leaf) 

·         …and throw into this ‘a beet’

Woods (12) for the 12 hours…

·         Silver fir 

·         Persea 

·         Fig tree 

·         Olive 

·         Prickly shrub 

·         Thorn tree 

·         Poplar

·         Aloe 

·         Lotus 

·         Acacia 

·         Papyrus 

·         Palm 

  Shadow-PAREDOS Altar

Lie down on thy stomach and stretch out thy hands and speak this formula.

"Cause now my Shadow to serve me, because I know thy sacred names, and thy signs and thy symbols, and who thou art at each hour, and what thy name is."

2nd Formula

"I have uttered thy sacred names and thy signs and thy symbols, wherefore, O Lord, cause my shadow to serve me."

3rd Formula

"Follow me everywhere!"

In the seventh hour your shadow will come to you and appear before you.


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