Thursday, November 4, 2010

StarCircle Enochian/Tarot Work- Day 3

today...the Princess of Cups appears...
interestingly enough...she also appears as the beginning of the energies of the Kabbalah energies of Atziluth for the mornings 4 Worlds Tarot Reading...

The arrangement of the spread is relating the Suits to the Tetragrammaton, which is in turn related to the Elements, which is related to one of the Four Worlds:

Yod = Wands = Fire = Atziluth [Boundless World of Divine Names] - [Divine Father] TO DARE - The Lion. The Princess of Cups
Heh = Cups = Water = Briah [Archangelic World of Creation] - [Creative Mother] TO KEEP SILENT - The Eagle. The 9 of Pentacles [Material Gain]
Vav = Swords = Air = Yetzirah [Hierarchal World of Formations] - [Son] TO KNOW - The Angel. 7 of Pentacles [Success Unfulfilled]
Heh = Pentacles = Earth = Assiah [Elemental World of Substance] - [Daughter] TO WILL - The Bull. Queen of Pentacles get out your mojo decoder ring...because... to me this means...

the first the Divine energy, the thought...IF you will
the second the creative energy of the birth, to the Ideal
the third the actual formation of the Ideal
and the fourth and final the actualization of the ideal itself...when it becomes real and IS substance...

So back to this morning...
The Princess of Cups
Princess of the Waters; Lotus of the Palace of the Floods
I-Ching Hexagram #41- Decrease [in times of diminishing resources simplicity prevails]
the Turtle one of the Spirit Animals - Symbol of Wisdom [because it withdraws into its shell]
the Swan is the other Spirit Animal - cloak of soft feathers [often worn by the Shaman] connected to Orpheus-who CHOSE to be REBORN in that form...

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