Wednesday, November 3, 2010

StarCircle-Enochian/Tarot working- Day 2

Today...the second day doing the Enochian/Tarot workings...
this morning's card and work was the 10 of Wands [Oppression] Saturn in Sagittarius.
the Angels are Reiiel-Expectation and Amael-Patience
Interestingly enough, the opening sequence of the Temple is as follows:

o o
2 = 9 AIR of Saturn- Angelick energy- Uriel

o o
3 = 8 WATER of the Sun

o o
3 = 8 WATER of the Moon

o o
1 = 10 EARTH of Saturn- Angelick energy- Cassiel

o o
4 = 7 FIRE of the Moon

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