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the continued Grade work in the H.:S.:L.: Ceremonial Magickal Lodge

Hermanubis Star Lodge
Earth Degree [G.D. Zelator]
Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition [SI] by Chic & Sandra Tabatha Cicero [pg 97]

• Knowledge Lecture #2 [pg 130] Know & Understand [Written Test]
• Create and Consecrate:
a Geomantic Box,
a Geomantic Wand, [MT-pg 245] and
a Double Wand of Power. [MT-pg 241]

• Work with at least ONE EARTH Grade Plant/Herb/Tree, and ONE EARTH Grade stone.
• Write and Lead an EARTH Grade ritual of one's own interpretation.
• Be familiar and use the Prayer of the Gnomes Translated by A.E. Waite
from Eliphas Levi's Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual
• Create and Consecrate a EARTH Grade tool [Pentacle?]
• Create and Consecrate an Enochian Tablet of EARTH [SI-pg 109]
• Create an EARTH based incense [Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham- pg 274]
• Create a Malkuth Sefirotic based incense [The Magical and Ritual Use of Perfumes by Richard Allan & Iona Miller- pg 77]
• [Construction and Consecration resources from Ritual Use of the Magical Tools [MT] by the Ciceros]
• Create an Inner/Astral Temple.
• Do 8 Inner Temple/Astral sessions in regards to the following energies:
• Astral Contact/Communication with at least EARTH Grade Plant/Herb/tree
• Astral contact/communication with at least one EARTH Grade stone.
• Source material Herbs in Magic and Alchemy: Techniques from Ancient Herbal Lore by C. L. Zalewski-Chapter 8-Ritual [pg101] and Appendix 4-Astral Contact with Plant Life [pg137]
• Malkuth [Sefirotic Invocation] & Astral contact/communication. RRetACFellowship-Ordo Stella Matutina: INVOCATIONS OF THE SEPHIROTH By Samuel Scarborough [Frater Elxarp111] An Invocation of Malkuth [used by permission and with Frater's Exlarp111's blessings]
• Tarot Work-Paths Emanating FROM Malkuth

Malkuth-Princesses or Pages
The Path of Qoph-The Moon [18th Key]
The Path of Shin-Judgment [20th Key]
The Path of Tau-The Universe [21st Key]

AIR Grade
Air Degree [G.D. Zelator] 2=9

FINALLY Folks-We will be moving into AIR...!!!

I would suggest wrapping up the EARTH degree/Zelator Grade 1=10 with a discussion on the Ten [10] cards of the Tarot...

then we move forward...

Initiation/Invocation Ritual of the Element AIR [tentatively Sunday January 16th]
• Read chapter on degree from the Green Brick [Self Initiation into the Golden Dawn] pgs 225-323
• Kerubic Forms of the Theoricus Grade:
o Adam-Man/
o Aryeh-Lion/
o Nesher-Eagle/
o Shor-Bull
• Planet-LUNA
• Moto: "Quit the Material and Seek the Spiritual".
• Will do a read through/walk through of the Theoricus G.D. Initiation Ritual-discussion of energy/imagery

• The Aspects-
o Conjuction/
o Square/
o Opposition/
o Trine/
o In Conjunct/
o Sextile/
o Semi-Sextile/
• Creating a Natal Chart
• Aspecting

o Melanosis-Blackening [EARTH] Nigredo
o Leukosis-Whitening [WATER] Albedo
o Xanthosis-Yellowing [AIR] Citrinitas
o Iosis-Reddening [FIRE] Rubedo
• Alchemical colors/planets
o Saturn-Black
o Jupiter-Blue
o Mercury-Peacock's Tail
o Luna-White
o Venus-Yellow
o Mars-Red
o Sol-Violet
• Gates/basic stages of process
• Terminology
• Alchemical sigils of
o Minerals
o Materials.
o Operations

Spiritual Entities
• Elemental/Angelick/Planetary
• Soul/Spirit
• [Supplemental reading material-
o "The Microcosm Man" by Regardie-Read/Discuss]
o [in the files of the H.:S.:L.: yahoo group]
• [parts of the 'soul']
o Neshamah/
o Ruach/
o Nephesh

• concept of Ba or Egyptian soul:
o Khat-Physical Body/
o Ka-Etheric Double [Body of Habits] Body of Light/
o Ba-Soul/
o Khu-The Immortal Spirit/Sekhem-'To Have Mastery or Power Over Something'-Individual's vital force or strength personified/
o Khaibit-the Shadow/
o Ren-Name [Preservation of the Name insured Immortality.

• Yesod
• [supplemental material - Nines [9's] of the Tarot]
• AIR-perfumes/incenses [Create]
o 1st quarter/
o 2nd quarter/
o 3rd quarter/
o 4th quarter
• [supplemental material- Mansions of the Moon- Study/Practical applications-
o Primary source book Celestial Magic: Principles and Practices of the Talismanic Art by Nigel Jackson...'Manazil-al-Qamar: The 28 Mansions of the Moon']
o Celestial Magic: Principles And Practices of the Talismanic Art (9781861632029): Nigel Jackson: Books
• Plant & Herbs
[Theoricus Grade of the G.D.]
• Admission Badges & DIagrams discussions on imagery/energy
• Side lectures
• Ritual work
• Path work:
• Meditation of the 'Parts of the Soul'
• 32nd Path of Tau- Malkuth to Yesod
• The Tarot Card- The Universe
• Inner Temple/Astral Journey on 'The Great One of the Night of Time'...
Tool-AIR Dagger/Sword
creation/consecration of AIR tool

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