Sunday, December 25, 2011

working with Yesod...

ok...beginning with our new work in the AIR Grade/Theoricus Degree interesting thing came to light...
in the Neophyte ritual, associated with Yesod appears the 'Evil One'...
described as The Slayer of Osiris/The Tempter/The Accuser/& The Punisher...this dark god is composed of three...called 'The Evil Triad'...

The Stooping Dragon-APOPHRASSZ
The Slayer of Osiris- SZATHAN TOOPHON
The Brutal Power of Demonic Force- BESSZ

physical appearance:

Head of a Water Dragon
Body of A Lion
Hind Parts of a Water Horse

This imagery/Godform appears as Typhon/Apophis/Set in ritual...

I couldn't help but wonder IS this the Ceremonial appearance of the 3-faced Angel-
as appeared to me via my Enochian workings 5+ years ago...and have since utilized involving my own WitchBlood work?

I did the Gematric work...and unfortunately nothing fit perfectly...

APOPHRASSZ = 1044 or (2484)
SZATHAN TOOPHON = 09 or (3579)
BESSZ = 614

the 3-faced angel
AZRAEL = 244
SAMAEL = 377 or (937)
MELEK TAUS = 802 or (1842)

so is the Evil Triad of the Golden Dawn the same as the 3-face angel of my own Enochian work...and thus the WitchFather himself?

only time and work will tell...

the Mystery continues...

~Frater III~

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