Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meet your HGA

OK...I have been working with a fellow Magician of Merit...and we have taken the Pauline Art, from the Lemegeton-that which deals with *celestial* angels that command specific hours of the day and to the zodiac...taken our own personal astrological charts-and graphed out a sacred space/circle utilzing the 7 astrological angels associated to the 7 planets in our charts...
We decided to go in the order of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life...i.e.
9. Luna/The Moon
8. Mercury
7. Venus
6. Sol/The Sun
5. Mars
4. Jupiter
3 Saturn

so that we have 7 angels associated with 7 planets...now one can do as one sees fit...but I have chosen to utlize the candles created for the StarCircle and place them according to my Astrological chart. Then each Zodiac angelick entity will be Summoned/Evoked...

Then in the Center of the Circle will sit the 'modified' N'Ganga-with the Crystal Skull at its center/heart...into this the HGA will be Invoked, via the Invocation of the Lemegeton.

The name of the your personal HGA can be calculated by taking the placement of the Planets on your Astrological chart-and birthed in the placement of the Moon- a Sigil can be drawn from planet to planet...
The Moon-Mercury-Venus-The Sun-Mars-Jupiter-and finally Saturn...

Now calculating the Exact Planetary Hour of your birth, you take that Planetary Kamea and overlay the Sigil atop it, each point notating the Hebrew lettering, this in the end-is 'a name' for the powers of your HGA. This sigil can be traced over the Crystal Skull/N'Ganga while the Invocation is done.

This is a VERY Powerful and VERY Personal ritual...and one that we are looking forward to working with for some time...to see what Mysteries may unfold...


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