Sunday, August 26, 2012

the 3 faced Angel as Husbands

Have just finished the wonderful book Pomba Gira by Nickolaj de Mattos Frisvold-another fantastic classic resource...I LOVE this gentlemen's writing fluff here folks...just tasty Nuts & Bolts!!!

on pg 96 while discussing the Pomba Gira as the "Woman of Seven Husbands" we find the following:

"The most famous conjuration of Maria Padilha is the one collected by the Holy Office on Valencia in 1655, reproduced in the reseach of Souza, and Meyer. It is possible, through not frequent, to find fragments of this used in terreirors all over Brazil. The working is simple, and as follows:

                                                   I conjure NN
                                                   By Barrab'as
                                                   By Satan'as
                                                   By the limp Devil
                                                   Who can do more

                                                    (The Request is done)

                                                    By the wife of Satan'as
                                                    By the wife of Barrab'as
                                                    By the wife of Belzebub

                                                    (The Working is performed)

                                                    By Barrab'as, by Satan'as and Lucifer
                                                    By the Lady Maria Padilha
                                                    And her legions

                                                    (The ritual is sealed up)

We find this triad in the three lines of command, the three generals of the maioral. These three generals are

  • Exu Lucifer,
  • Exu Mor/Belzebub
  • Exu King of the Seven Crossroads/Ashtaroth

These are the 'husbands' of Maris Padhila, who is revealed to be the one that is actually controlling the legions. It is clear in the spell that the appeal is given to her, which she then communicates to her kings."


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