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A Ritual for making St. Cyprian your Patron

Exu & the Quimbanda of Night and Fire
~Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold~

 This procedure involved a nine day dedication for installing the saint. Obtain an image of him, be it a figuring or picture. You should also have at your disposal red and black cord, two white candles and one black together with St. Cyprian oil that must have been prepared beforehand. The working must be done at midnight every day, starting on a Friday at the waxing moon, ensuring that the full moon is overseeing the completion of the work.

You will use as a nightly prayer the following:

Most Holy St. Cyprian
I beseech you as my Patron
May you work upon me and keep me steady
May you lend me your powers
As I take you on as teacher, tutor, and Tata'
Bless my house and my life
As you close up the minds and mouth of my enemies
Make my eyes double in vision
As my adversaries will be doubly blind
Great One, Blessed One
Most Holy St. Cyprian
I beseech you as my Patron
I beg and pray
Heed my call

While the prayer is said, anoint a one foot length of the cords (both red and black) with the oil and tie it to the effigy or picture with three knots. On the ninth night you will make sure that the image is reflected in the full moon and with prayers bathe the image or picture in oil and red wine adding the last strand of cord. Then place leaves of Acacia and Laurel between the cords.

Watch carefully during this period. If parts of cat, toad, snake or bat come to you in some way, these need to be placed in pouches of black cloth and tied to the effigy or picture with black cord. These can also be added over time as the relationship matures.

This being done St. Cyprian is given water, bread, black beans and red wine as you burn incense of frankincense and myrrh before him.

St. Cyprian Oil

  • Olive Oil
  • Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium)
  • Dog's Mercury (Mercurialis Perennis)
  • Pennyroyal (Mentha Pulgium)
  • A pinch of bone dust
  • A pinch of brimstone (sulphur)
  • A pinch of goat horn filings
  • A pinch of copper filings
  • Pine or Cedar resin

In addition you need to remove the Book of Revelations from the bible, draw his ponto on each page, leave a black candle on it and wait until it has burned down. You will them burn the pages and add to the oil.

Once made, this oil should rest with the image for seven days with a seven-day candle prior to use, or with Exu Meia Noite.

Ponto Riscado of St. Cyprian Quimbandeiro


SerpentLight213 said...

Ok, I don't use this term and I apologize if it comes off as derogatory, but OMG! I gotta get this book!!! LOL I usually don't get this excided, but this is sounds like an AWESOME book!!! I will be doing a review of it, I assure you! Thank YOU!!! Exclamation city, I know, but DAMN!

mojo said...

all of his books are really good...

Luna said...

I'm going to do this when the timing is right!

Luna said...

Am I right when I read you should set out on this 9 days before la Luna is full?

Also, re: this phrase-
As I take you on as teacher, tutor, and Tata'

I always fumble it like "teacher, tutu and tata."

mojo said...

yes Luna-that is correct...