Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hexen healings with Hexes and Candle work

The above picture is one that has been around for some time now-I have seen many versions of it. It associates parts of the body to the Zodiac. It is via this image that I do the majority of my healing work. I work with the 'client' to see what is ailing them, then I find the associated Zodiacal energy, and via that-the Element and Planet, utilizing these three aspects, I can create a Hex, utilizing Both the Hexagram, the planetary Kamea, and the Elemental energies, utilizing all/or part of these colors in the coloring of the Hex, as well as the color of the Candle. Then I work specifically with these energies, utilizing as well the Angelick energies associated with each...calling upon these aspects-with usages of the Psalms...These combinations have been extremely successful in my working with clients and attempts to assist in healing techinques

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