Sunday, November 2, 2014

Geomancy, the peach-wood wand, and the blood sigil from the Tongue in Tao magick

In direct association with the recent workings as well-in Tao Magic by Laszlo Legesa, the use of Geomancy and the Geomantic box is discussed. As we-in our Golden Dawn initiation in the Zelator AIR degree-created geomantic boxes-these opened up an interesting new twist on further use-than the described use by the Golden Dawn. (I did ask some GD folks-IF perhaps in regards to higher grade work-IF they incorporated any deeper usage of the Geomantic box-but no was known-or shared)...

The Peach-Wood Wand

"precise timing (was required) of Taoist occult rites...after the day and hour of the ceremony has been determined by an astrologer in accordance with the temple's geomancy, and the nature of the (ritual), a list was drawn up of those people whose presence would be inauspicious to the occasion. This was because of their eight characters (i.e. the cyclic double characters for year, month, day and hour of birth), would clash with the elements governing the auspiciousness of the chosen day. In fact, their presence would not only be an expression of disrespect, it might also incur the actual hostility of the spirits.

Equally elaborate was the procedure for making the peach-wood wands used in trance-drawings. In this type of talismanic composition [more often found in South China], the drawing was traced on a thin layer or sand or rice spread on a table (or in the geomantic box). The medium sometimes took the wand in both hands or, alternatively, allowed one hand to be held by the person wanting to establish contact with the Spirits and record the talismantic message. The drawing might be later transferred to paper, particualrly if the diagram was proved to be sufficient powerful. The peach-wood was usually cut from a twig growing on the east side of the tree, since the peach was associated with the immportale paradise of the Queen Motehr of the West, and the arrangement therefore sumbolized the union of East and West. On the side opposite the twig, characters meaning 'Spirit of the Clouds' [yin] would be cut in the bark of the tree. As implements of automatic writing, these wands were regarded as especially powerful and were frequently used in exorcism, as were peach-wood calligraphic swords. According to popular Taoist belief, the instruments used for writing talismans and charms were themselves so powerful that they were capabale of defeating not only ghosts and evil spirits, but also hostile animals and men."

The Blood sigil of the Spirit

In regards to talismanic composition, there are schools which incorporate blood-stained impressions left upon the paper by the cut tongue of the medium. These bloody marks represent the words of the Spirit, and the utterances of spells by the medium. It is also an example of the creation of new talismans by means of mediumistic practices of the Spirit Cloud (shen-hsiao) Sect of Taoism, which dates back to the Hsuan-ho reign period [AD 1119-26] of the Northern Sung Dynasty. These practices have survived until the present day in Hong Kong and Taiwan. M. Saso, in his Taoism and the Rite of Cosmic Renewal, has an illustration of a half-naked medium cutting himself with a sword while in trance, and carrying on his back a talisman dipped in blood."

As a direct result of this research-efforts will be added to ritual-to attempt to call upon the 4 Demon Kings-via trance work, and the Geomantic box-the sand, and the Peach-wood Wand, as personalized sigils will be created via ritual blood-letting in direct association with this Taoist technique and each of the 4 Demon Kings, and talismanic/sigilized compositions...

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