Sunday, November 2, 2014

Workings and the Cosmology

Of late-my own work has evolved in an interesting direction. I don't usually post like this-but it seemed appropriate at this point...
One thing that has happened-is that I have incorporated Saint Cypriano, which seems to have opened a very different dimension in my own work...
Looking at the Christian dates/holidays-a natural progression appeared in association with my own Cosmology-
Mojo’s Hexen cosmology

  • October 8th-Lord of the Red Hunt- Full Hunter’s Moon: the Full Hunter's Moon: on October 8 will usher in the influence of the Eternal Hunter-Der Ewich Yeeger-the Red Lord of the Hunt-

  • Dame Holle: The arrival of the migrating geese-apple ritual for Dame Holle-

  • Ghost Roads: Time of the Ghost Roads-when the Veil is thin, and the Spirits roam-when we invite our ancestors into our homes-with the sprinkling of graveyard dirt at the 4 borders of our land- MUST BE Before Samhain

  • October 11th-4 Demon Kings: Michaelmas (old date Oct 11th-when Lucifer and the Fallen host were supposed banished from Heaven)  ritual for the 4 Demon kings.

  • January-3 Faced Angel as WitchFather: 3 kings day-Sunday occurring between 2 and 8 January-ritual for the 3 faced angel as WitchFather

  • February-Lilith as WItchMother: Quickening Moon-February-Ritual for Lilith as Witchmother.

  • April-Good Friday-the Friday before Easter

  • June-June 23rd - St. John’s Eve- 
I have incorporated them in direct association-with not only the Saints-but also with the Arch-angels-linked with their shadows aspects in regards to the Demon Kings-therefore-in the Month of September-I was VERY active ritually.
Beginning with the two dates associated with Saint Cypriano-the Feast days of 16 September and the 29th of September...

following these rituals-I begin the operation of acknowledging the aspects of Michaelmas-in direct association with the arch-angels-and the  4 Demon Kings-
September 29th-Michaelmas-or Feast of the Arch-Angels

Old Michaelmas-October 11-the date when Lucifer fell-blackberries were offered to the 4 Demon Kings.
The arch-angels were associated with the 4 Demon Kings thus:

  • EAST-Air Gabriel with Sammuel
  • SOUTH-Fire- Michael with Azazel
  • WEST-Water- Raphael with Azael
  • NORTH-Earth- Uriel with Mahazuel
also-during this time-I did the working for the second of the 4 eclipses in association with the Demon King Azael-the altar set-up for the celebration of the Blood Moon in direct association with the tetra and the 4 Demon Kings-specifically AZAEL-Lord of the Waves & Waters; Infernal King of the Hosts of the Sea-His spirit bottle is opened and prepared to welcome him-Bone, Hag-Stone, and Key open the 3 ways-and the Incense of the 4 Black Thrones burns in his honor...

Incense of the 4 Black Thrones:
12 parts brimstone (sulphur)
3 parts patchouli
3 parts colophony resin
3 parts dammar resin
6 parts sandalwood
7 drops blood from index finger of the left hand of the witch...

After all of these workings-a combination of the sigils:
Sigil of Intent for the Arch-Angels
Sigil of Intent for the ritual of the 4 Demon Kings

created this:

also in association with these series of workings is Heralding in the energies of Der Ewich Yeeger-the Eternal Hunter, with some home brewed beer-a shot of Pow Wow rye whiskey, a Maker's Mark cigar, and some deer jerky from last year's hunt. When deer season gets here this year-the first kill will be dedicated to the Red Lord of the Hunt.

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