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connecting the dots in regards to the aspects of the 3-faced Angel

"When the Fire of the Ancient One enters into the Bodies of Man and
Woman, they shall beget a child that is not born solely of the Clay,
but of the Fire Eternal. The Child that is born of Fire may gather unto
himself the substance of his own creation, for thus may he fashion
himself according to a Will Unique and Free. Those who are not born
of the Flame must to the Flame be cast.
The understanding of this is a most subtle matter and one which
must necessarily be veiled in terms of myth.
The Daemon, as Shaitan, is literally 'the Adversary' - the Reverse
One. He is the Image of the First God, manifest in double-form, as
both the Black Man standing at the Crossroads of all Existence and
as Melek Ta'us - the Peacock Angel, Sovereign of the World's Djinn.
As the 'Black Man' he is the anthropomorphic 'Body' of
Darkness, the Lord of the Sabbat, the Overseer of the Primal Rite
of Magick. In this form he embodies Death as the Gateway to the
Other. In assuming the god-form of Al-Aswad - the Man-in-Black
- the Adept places himself upon the interstitial 'Point' of the crossroads
and thus within 'Death': the singular inbetweenness 'twixt
every Stasis of Being. He thus becomes the embodiment of the
Gate at the centre of the cross-roads, the Portal where-by Power
has ingress to the World of Manifestation and through which the
Seeker must pass in order to transcend the 'Form' of the Manifest.
The Daemon figured as the Peacock-Angel is 'Death' as
metamorphic process: the Force of change acting upon the Matrix
of the Existent. This process is veiled in the language of alchemy
as the transmutation of the base substance, the Leaden Matter or
"clay", to the Aureate Elixir of the Quintessence; a metamorphosis
which is facilitated through the action of the Divine Fire upon the
Vessel containing the Matter desirous of change. This symbolism is
concurrent throughout the Poem; the base substance of Man -
"the seven handfuls of the earth" - passes through the seven stages
or "steps" of change which are symbolised by the "peacockfeathers"
and "rainbow hues" of Melek Ta'us. The apotheosis of
Matter and the reciprocal reification of the Divine Flame is
attained to through this process, and is referred to symbolically as
the "Gold" of the "One Image". The Peacock-Angel is the glyph
of 'process' and embodies the mediatory function of the Daemon
in facilitating the link between the polarities of the Path. In myth,
the Peacock-Angel is said to be the Master of Djinn, the Lord of
all Spirits; this in turn symbolises the mastery of the Adept over the
myriad faculties of his own nature: the submission of All to the
Path of Will. Shaitan is therefore both the Establisher of the Path
and the Mediator between its twain extremities: the Aspirant and
the Aspired. It is thus, in certain circles of initiates, that He who
assumes the mask of 'Devil' is both the Guide towards, and the
Living Symbol of, the Gate through which the Aspirant is led.
The Daemon figured in the feminine is Lilith, the Earthly Bride
of the Man-in-Black, and it is in this guise that the Daemon
assumes the prototypical and tripartite forms of the Creatrix. She
is Lilith, the carnal reposoir of the Ancient One's Fire; she is Ruha,
the Spiritual Blood-mother of Initiates; she is Az, the Primal
Concupiscence from whence emanates the force informing the
Icon of the Great Whore. In her is the Well of Life Itself, where-in
is spent the very wealth of pleasure. In her the Forge of Stars,
where-from the 'Blackened One' must obtain through the
'smelting of all metals' the Aureate Jewel: the golden token which
the Seeker must render to the Keeper of the Gate.
As Lilith, the Daemon is the triple-faced Queen of the Sabbat.
She is the Aged Voluptuary, robed in the last light of the waning
moon, by whose scarlet blood - the rubeate tincture shed in the
night of her power - she may transform herself into a multitude of
forms and phantasms. She is then the Enchantress who begets in
darkness the words of light. She pronounces the spell of
temptation over the passion-roused heart of Man, casting the
glamour of illusion to ensnare the unsuspecting and to test the
ever-watchful. For those whom she loves, she inspires. To these,
her adorants, she is "Wisdom" the Virgin-bride of the Soul.
It is She, the Muse, who with the innocence of the dove offers
the envenom'd cup to the parched lips of her earthly lover. Within
that cup is his own life-blood; to her his life is sacrificed. Hers is
the Cup of Life Immortal, the Graal, where-in beats the Heart of
the Mystery with the life-blood of all her true-born kin. To drink
from her cup is to sup from the Well of Everlasting Youth, to sate
the thirst of the grave with the ichor of the gods..."

Andrew Chumbley
Pgs 43-45

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