Sunday, November 4, 2012

Enochian workings with Azrael

ok...was re-reading Leo Vinci's Enochian Dictionary: Gmicalzoma-after coming across a passage in Madeline Montalban's Prediction book of the Tarot...

which states:

(In discussing the Lover Tarot Card)
"There is also a deeper, arcane meaning behind this card. It is symbolized by the three human figures which, in this context, signify what are known as the Children of the Voice. The voice is that of the universal creator and the children represent echoes of that voice. In this sense, the trinity depicted on this trump refers not to the Father, Son and Holy Ghost of Christianity but to a far older trinity of the ancient mysteries-Madriax, Peripsol, and Gmicalzoma..."
pg 84

Now, this started me on a search, who/what is the 'Children of the Voice'-what is the significance of these three Enochian entities-if in fact that is what is being alluded to here...which seems to be the case, by comparing these three to the "Father, Son and the Holy Ghost"...

could this be a link to the 3-faced Angel? my further research-I came across in Vincis fascinating and extremely well articulated introduction-the fact that before Kelly working as medium and skryer, that Dr. John Dee utilized a gentleman by the name of Barnabus Saul...while working with Saul, Dee reports in his diary of the activity surrounding their work...

",,,in 1581, August 3rd, -All the night, very strange knocking and rapping in my chamger, August 4th,-and this night likewise,' Them on the 9th of October 1581, 'Barnabus Saul lying in the...hall, was strangely trubled by a spitiual creature about mydnight.' 

'On the 2nd of December (1581) Dee writes, 'I willed the skryer named Saukm to looke into my great crystalline globe, if God has sent his holy angel Azrael or no!' To add information, Azrael is the Angel of Death who at 'the death of a man, erases his name from a large book in which he is forever writing and erasing.' It was this angel who supplied the 'seven handfuls of earth for God at the creation of Adam' the other three angels involved by God were the Archangel Michael, the Archangel Gabriel, and the Angel Israfel-the 'burning one' and the Angel of Resurrection, all three having failed in the task. 

God sent these four angels to the four corners of the earth to seek the required 'seven handfuls' of dust and because Azrael was successful with the task, God appointed this angel the task of separating the body (=earth) from the soul (=spirit) at the time of death."
pgs 42-43

Now to me-this was fascinating, and made the hairs on my arm stand up-and it was during my own Enochian workings that Azrael was the first angel to appear to me-in regards to the workings of the Star Circle...or the Astrum Orbis workings.

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