Thursday, April 2, 2015

Black Cat Bone ritual

Midnight Good Friday

Poppet utilized in exchange for the exhumation of the Black Cat.

Coffin with poppet wrapped in black cloth sealed with red wax. Medallion of Saint Cyprian imprinted in the red wax of the coffin lid.

At the grave of the black cat, dressed candle, statue, coffin, San Cypriano oil, atop Ponto.

mojo placing the coffin in the open grave after bones have been exhumed.

Coffin placed in open grave-black cat's skull just above it-the rest of the bones in the cauldron...

San Cypriano in cauldron of black cat bones-black cat candle burning-black cat skull circled in crushed egg shells to be 'rebirthed' in the Spirit...

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