Friday, April 3, 2015

Black Cat Bone ritual part 2

This is a brief overview of my MY interpretation of the Black Cat Bone ritual-done at Midnight on Good Friday-taken from various sources and different traditions-led directly via Spiritual Congress and modified to meet my individual intentions-primarily from African American sources-the best being Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men.
the dressing of the secondary bone comes from interview sources in Hoodoo, Conjuration, Witchcraft, Rootwork by Harry Hyatt.
this ritual is a combination of sources-primarily based on old Southern traditions in regards to the Black Cat Bone ritual- aspects of which were documented in Zora Neale Hurston's Mules and Men. The poppet and coffin will be placed in the grave from which the black cat (which died a traumatic death) will be exhumed. This will be in exchange for the bones...In these aspects there are at least two primary bones-the One Bone of Power-and the created bone-which is the straightest left hind leg, which is filled with five-finger grass, steel dust from a lodestone, sealed with a chewed piece of white cotton-dressed in Van Van oil and Florida Water cologne,and finally wrapped in a $2 bill...this bone can be used magickally for several purposes...
For me the burial of the coffin in exchange for the bones-and the direct association with the timing of Good Friday at Midnight-and the Hallowing of Hell are important..
The colors associated with the Saint Cyprian statue is something that has been an issue for me for some time-as I have seen several of the statues painted differently-in my own work-and spiritual congress-I was shown that after retrieving a ritual black cat bone-in my case it will be a rib, and attaching it to Saint Cyprian's crozier-it is symbolic of the transformation of Saint Cyprian in his White/Purple robes from Christian back to Magician in the Red/Black robes of San Cypriano of the Grimoires...and calls upon the infernal aspects of the Saint as Nefarious Patron...
also-although primarily there is ONE ritual detailed in the San Cypriano grimoires, and ONE bone to use-there are actual several traditional methods for Black Cat Bone rituals, and several uses for different bones-3 to be exact-the primary Bone of Power, a secondary bone which can be ritually prepared for various uses-Invisibility, Luck in gambling, Return of a Lover-etc...and finally the Bone of Transformation for Saint Cyprian himself-from his role as Christian Saint-to San Cyrpiano-Patron Saint of Magick.

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