Saturday, April 4, 2015

Tetrad-3rd Bloodmoon Eclipse

I awoke early-as the full energy of the 3rd Bloodmoon Eclipse of the Tetrad would be a maximum strength at 7:00 a.m. The altar was prepared the night before. It was the altar of AZAZEL-as Scapegoat-linked to the energies of sacrifice and ritual. The ram's skull was positioned, with the top red candle of the masculine/FIRE triangle of summoning was at the apex-betwixt the horns- AZAZEL's sigilized candle was lit-and his Spirit Bottle was opened. He was gifted some of the Sulphur/Brimstone gifted to me from Ethiopia. The Geomantic box was placed on the altar as well-along with the ritually obtained Taoist Peach Wand. Eleggua was present as the Opener of Ways.

Altar for AZAZEL as Demon King of the South-Lord of the Flames the Lightening, King of the Spirits of FIRE.

A red ribbon was tied around the left horn of the Ram's skull representative of the sacrificial Scapegoat.

First Eleggua was Evoked-to Open the Ways-then AZAZEL was evoked as WATCHER-(...of Hidden Things and Guardian of Secrets) - His sigil was ritually drawn in the sand of the Geomantic box (Ritually created for the 1=10 Zelator Grade of EARTH in the Golden Dawn) with the ritually obtained Taoist Peach Wand. 

Geomantic Box with Taoist Peach Wand

Drawing the Sigil in the Sand of the Geomantic Box with the Taoist Peach Wand

Sigil of AZAZEL-Lord of the Flames and the Lightening, King of the Spirits of FIRE

Then AZAZEL was called upon be present for the creation of a blood sigil "between me and thee" in which the tongue was ritually pierced-as per the Taoist tradition and a page of the Grimoire of the WitchBlood was 'licked' in which the blood formed the personalized sigil between Magician and Demon King.

A"vaina" or flamboyan tree pod rattle was utilized to stir up the energy for a brief period after the ritualized sigil's creation, and then the Spirits were dismissed, being given the License to Depart.
Since the intensity and frequency of ritual and recent 'unexplained' activities, it was decided to do a Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram, to ground, and settle the energies that had been evoked over the past two nights and month. 

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