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Agrimus-the 'Curled One': First Born of Lilith & Adam

From my Research...I feel strongly that AGRIMUS, the first born of Lilith and Adam IS the Dragon...the 'Curled One'...the 'Dragon' that rules over the world [matter]...representing the Cosmic Axis-the Axis Mundi...the Stang representative of the Horned One???

Shani Oates-the Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain states:

"Cain or Qayin is Our tutelary deity, Tubal Cain, is described by RB as the ‘Hairy One’ [the unknown spirit of Pan] with each wayfarer a ‘fool’ and child of the Hairy One. He also describes him as the holder of the mysteries, the gatekeeper, indicating that He, like Qayin is also in service to some higher principle beyond themselves. Compelled to explore further His attributes for myself, I was gifted one image that encapsulates the profound moment Qayin received both mark and exile. Above his brow, three curling flame-like strands suggest the fire-brand of shin, the triple fire and triple horns of this eponymous and eternal wanderer (in the sense of eternal seeker). I perceived ‘Pashupâti, Lord of the Animals’ poised and crowned with magnificent (lunar) bulls horns, stag antlers (stellar) and goat or rams (solar) horns in composite effulgence as the glorious ‘Trimurti’"

but I have to it Cain/Qayin...who wears the crown above his brow of three curling flame-like strands-the fire-brand of shin...the triple fire and triple horns-or is it AGRIMUS-the 'Curled One'?

The Gematric total of the Daemon AGRIMUS, first born of Liltih and Adam...equals 341...

341 is the Sum of the 3 Mother letters in Hebrew...

Aleph, Mem, and Shin...


the 3 letters making up God's name (yud, he, and vav),

In its relation to the construction of the cosmos, matter consists of the three primordial elements, which, however, are not chemically connected with one another, but modify one another only physically. Power (δύναμις) emanates from the seven and the twelve heavenly bodies, or, in other words, from the planets and the signs of the zodiac. The "dragon" rules over the world (matter and the heavenly bodies); the sphere rules time; and the heart rules over the human body. The author sums up this explanation in a single sentence: "The dragon is like to a king on his throne, the sphere like a king traveling in his country, and the heart like a king at war."

The "dragon" (תלי tli, perhaps meaning "curled one" as a coiled serpent) which plays such an important part in the astrology of the book, is probably an ancient Semitic figure; at all events its name is not Arabic, as scholars have hitherto assumed, but either Aramaic or possibly a Babylonian loan-word. The "dragon" is often understood as the starry constellation Draco and by extension it represents the cosmic axis (equivalent to the north/south pole) because this constellation coils around the North Star and thus around the celestial axis, as it intersects the northernmost part of the celestial sphere.

the theory of contrasts in nature, or of the syzygies ("pairs"), as they are called by the Gnostics, occupies a prominent place in the Sefer Yetzirah. This doctrine is based on the assumption that the physical as well as the moral world consists of a series of contrasts mutually at war, yet pacified and equalized by the unity, God. Thus in the three prototypes of creation the contrasting elements fire and water are equalized by air; corresponding to this are the three "mothers" among the letters, the mute מ contrasting with the hissing ש, and both being equalized by א.

Seven pairs of contrasts are enumerated in the life of man:

Life and death
Peace and strife
Wisdom and folly
Wealth and poverty
Beauty and ugliness
Fertility and sterility
Lordship and servitude (iv. 3)
From these premises the Sefer Yezirah draws the important conclusion that "good and evil" have no real existence, for since everything in nature can exist only by means of its contrast, a thing may be called good or evil according to its influence over man by the natural course of the contrast.

I think it also entails the Angelick/Daemon balance of each of the 72 names...

First there are three mother letters, or Immoth: Aleph, Mem and Shin. They form the prime trinity that came from the Divine. They represent the three dimensions of space. They act as a prism which transforms the divine light into seven more letters which are the double letters or Kaphouloth: Beth, Gimmel, Daleth, Kaph, Phe, Resh and Tau. They are called double letters because they have two ways of pronunciation.

Traditionally, the three mother letters are associated with the first three Sephiroth, but they are also representative of the three pillars of the Tree of Life. The seven double letters are associated with the next seven Sephiroth.

Aleph, Mem and Shin, the three mother letters are also strongly defined.

Aleph as first letter is attributed to Kether, the origin of the Tree of Life.

Mem , the thirteenth letter, has water as symbolic value, and is attributed to Binah, the Sephirah which has for symbols the primal waters and mother archetype. The letter Mem also stands for the mother, fertility, the earth, the sea. Shin, the twenty-first, letter is attributed to Binah, the Sephirah of the father archetype and has male, fiery characteristics. The shape of the letter Mem has an enclosing form, reflecting the female enclosing, harboring, nurturing values.

The letter Shin is the dynamic movement of the element Fire, the active, expansive and vivifying forces in the universe. It is also the symbol of the vivifying spirit. It shape reflects three raised flames in the shape of three Vaus's.

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