Sunday, November 13, 2011

Consecration of the Mortar and Pestle

"The Mortar is one of the main tools. It represents the womb of the Night Queen adn is known as the Life-Giver and Death-Taker. To consecrate it, anoint the mortar with dew collected on the early morning following the night of the full moon. To do this, wet the index finger on the left hand and then trace the lip of the mortar [three times]. Next, rewet the finger and dab it three times inside the mortar [directly center].

When anointing the mortar, speak the [incantation]

I call to Mother Womb and ancient Tomb,
Be blessed be the Water of the Moon.

The pestle is the masculine half of the mortar set, and is mated to the mortar as a primary tool in Old World Witchcraft. The pestle is also called the Horn-Awakener wehn used for gain and increase. It is known as teh Serpent-Slumberer when used for decline and dissolving. To consecrate it, wrap a leaf that is wet with morning dew around the tip of the pestle, Slide the wet leaf down the shaft of the pestle and back up to the tip [do this three times]

When anointing the pestle, speak the [incantation]

I call to Father horn and ancient Snake,
Blessings of the Moon's Water to now Awake

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