Sunday, November 13, 2011

Consecration of the Stang-The Rite of taking Flight into the Realm of the Nightshade

"For Spirit flight to the Master's Sabbat, [the following] is recommended:

take one teaspoon of Mandrake root,
three leaves of Datura Stramonium or Metel, and one flower of the same plant,
a tablespoon of Belladonna berries [ripe],
a tablespoon of liguorish root,
a tablespoon of Hyssop.

Place this in cognac sufficient for it to cover the herbs for a week and mix this with 1.5 litres of red wine. Let this rest for 24 hours and it is ready. SHOW CAUTION, even with recipes like this, whose intent is to counteract the deadly toxins.

Cut you stang wood wehn the Moon is growing and in Taurus, Cancer, or Libra, alternatively in a good aspect of Mercury. You can also do this on a Wednesday [Mercury's Day] in his first hour of the night. Leave an offering of ground coffee, milk, wine, honey, and three coins in gratitude to the spirit of the tree.

Take the Staff, red wine and milk to a river in the hour when Venus is rising. Pray to the Fairies and declare this your Staff/Stang is the ladder to the Sabbath. Prick yourself and anoint the to and bottom of the stang with your blood.

The next day, when Venus rises in the sky take a cord of leather the height of your body. Tie nine knots on the cord, one knot for each of the three fates and their threefold placement in time and space. Tie the cord around your stang.

On the third night bring the stang and your knife to the same place. Carve in the lower end of the ladder/stang the rune Hagel and while carving chant the words of otherness:


Carve the Witch's Foot on the top, and chant, in the language of the birds:


In the centre you will carve Laug and chant with the voice of fertile water:


Anoint the staff with oil and breath. Let it rest in a dark cloth in a dark place until the Full Moon. Avoid exposing it to the Sun.

On the appointed night, when Venus rises, take your stang and your Vinum or Unguent Sabbati and position yourself to the north and wait until the Moon rises. Make a petition to the Moon to take you on her wings to the Hidden Convent where you will anoint yourself.

Take the Ladder/Stang and plant it in the ground repeatedly shouting:

Sator, Falcifer, the witches of the land
The Moon is full and fertile and I bid ye mighty dead to rise
From grave and alcove, from pound and woodhouse
Rise from your slumber and come to the Ladder's steps.

Then feed the wine and almonds to the Earth. Place your left hand to the ladder/stang and see in your mind's eye the skull faced legions rise from the ground.

then Say:

Of masters fo the skull and wine, blade and cross
By your blood I call upon he who rideth out in the wild hunt
Hooded master of grove and pyre
Dark one at the door and crossroads
I beseech you to open the witch way to the Sabbath
by the Fates so fair, and the Sisters Wyrd
Throw the Silver Thread across Ladder and Mount.
Ninefold Mother, Hel, Herodia, Holda
Queen of Elphame, Queen of Venus' mount
Take me to the Hidden Convent!

Recite the Journey runes and focus on the Witch's Foot and ascend throught the well of thorns to the sacerd place behind the Moon. Let the witches of the Land, Faunus himself or your familiar take you through the ladder and into the Sabbath circle.

To return again grip the ladder/stang and shout:

Sator Rentum Tormentum
In Nome Patri
Filii et Spiritus Sancti,
by the Skull of wisdom
and in the Master's name!

Upon return leave an offering of fig, apple and water to the genii loci and fair folk of that particular place.

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