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Ghost Roads ritual

Ghost Roads Ritual

Establishing the Geisterwege or Ghost Roads for the Working Circle or the Compass Magickal

Go to the nearest natural body of water, and draw forth enough water to pour a direct line of water from the original water source to the Circle or Compass.

Take an offering to the Water Spirits, and to the Spirits of Place. Give these offerings before taking the Water…

Announce as you bring the Water into the Sacred Space/Circle/Compass Round:
"I have gone to the Source of ALL Waters.
Here is water, blessed by the Old Ones,
A fertile river of life,
A medium of ghosts,
A water that is bridge of passage for every Spirit,
A water of Mastery,
Over ALL-Much Power.
Much vision.
And from the heights to the depths,
The road of the Spells of the Boundary.
Keeper and the Boundary-Crosser."

Pour the remainder of the water in a sacred vessel, inside the circle/compass. Lift high the container [WATER]

Invoke the WATER:
"Water from the bosom of the Earth,
From which comes all Life,
Be blessed and enlivened in the Name of Dame Owl,
The Old Serpent,
The Undying Queen Below."

add 3 sprinkles of salt into the water.

Invoke the SALT:
"God in the Salt, I call you to wakefulness with my words,
And give you life in the name of the Horned-One-
Be consecrated and Forceful, and Fierce red with Might,
You salt that sustains Life."

From the WATER and the SALT, anoint your forehead.

"I anoint Thee in Devotion to the White King of Elfhame."

Walking counterclockwise, pour Water around your Compass in an area made by the sacred sword or by the Stang.

This is symbolic of the River Styx, that separates this world from the next.
As you come to the Cardinal points, a 'Ghost Road' has to be made. Make a straight line of Water extending out a few inches toward that direction. When you have finished you will have surrounded the area totally with Water from the Source, and made 4 Water- 'Ghost Roads'.

Now cast pinches of EARTH taken from a Family Cemetery/Ancestral Place at each Cardinal Points.
Invoke the EARTH:
"I cast Earth here in the Name of the Old Ones and the Ancestors,
To mark this Space as Sacred."

Go to the NORTH:
"Now you come, My Mother's Ancestors
With the North Wind,
I summon you here.
You listen to my call.
You respond to my voice.
On the North Wind I summon you now
With my Praying Breath."

Go to the EAST:
"Now you come, My Father's Ancestors
On the East Wind,
I summon you here.
You run with the red tempests,
Stir up the gray dust,
You hear my voice calling,
Upon my Praying Breath."

Go to the SOUTH:
"Now you come,
My dearest animal ancestors,
I call upon you on the South Winds.
Bird-formed Spirit, Shaman Woman,
I welcome you here
With my Praying Breath."

Go to the WEST:
"Now I call on All the Departed.
The West Wind's wings will bring you here
You make the Moon rise,
Gently ruffle the seven seas,
Be Here in your Breath!
Be Here and listen to me!"

Go to the Stang planted in the North…and cutting yourself, Blood the Horns atop the Stang calling:
"By Blood and Bone
You are Her Champion.
Protector of the Mysteries.
Guard and Guide
Our Hearts and Hands
To work the Will of the Lady."

Now move the center of the Circle/Compass and draw a equal armed cross in the center of the Circle of Arte with the Hexen Blood & Bone mixture.

"Four roads meet and four roads part
All the centre of All
I have come to commune
With the Silent Ones
By this Cross I summon
The Legacy of my Blood
This is the True Cross
The Cross of the Journeyman
That know his Station and Sojourn
Allow me to dwell again
In the arms of my kin
Great Old Gods, undead and eternal
Hear me as I awaken you from you
Slumber and Silence!
From Height to Depth,
From dextral to sinister
I call upon thee to meet me
At this Crossroads of Power!"

Stand with your arms out-stretched, held high above your head and call…turning from North to East, to South, to West, and back to North.

"Ancestral Powers of this Our Blood.
We are your People, Guard us well.
By Earth and Air, by Fire and Flood,
By Magick mime, and Spoken Spell.

Kinship to Kinship, Blood to Blood
By dark night wind and starry sky
By Water running wild and free
To this our Circle now draw nigh.

Our Craft's own Goddess I invoke
And Ancient Ones of Hill and Mound
These Ghost Roads cross
and meet in the Circle Round."

Gather in the Center of the Circle/Compass and grasp hands.
"In a Circle-Hand in hand
We call the Old Ones to our Land.
All who are of Me and Mine
Come to Dance and spend some time.
We are all but a thin Red Line."

Releasing hands, lift your arms high above your head and SHOUT:
"Kinship to Kinship-
Blood to Blood!"

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